Friday, August 25, 2017

Another Day, Another Dollar

well, it is friday again. this week fleeew by for me. i've been working everyday since sunday; which is fine by me, cause i do need the moneys. and y'all know what friday means: i update y'all on the week. have you been having a good week? today, [hopefully] will be a busier day then the last few fridays. all our main stylists are all here today and that means [hopefully] that'll they won't be leaving early and will have appointments booked all day. which is good, cause although leaving early is nice, it does cut my paycheck and i need all the spending moneys i can get nowadays. also, this just in: a client just told me my hair is beautiful. and here i thought i was having a bad bangs hair day. now, before i continue rambling; let's get started on the happenings of this week. starting with movies. [of course]

this week's movies:
first, we'll start with the movies i rented from redbox this week. 
snatched was hil-lair-e-ous! seriously, i watched it more than once. and when i say more than once, i mean five times. but i shouldn't have expected any less from amy schumer and ike barinholtz. oh, and i'll be honest, goldie hawn's jokes were delivered flawlessly. this was a good team of actors. now, on to the dinner which was just boringly terrible. i've never been a fan of this actress. every role she plays is just so annoying like her part in the movie love actually. let's just say this movie was weird as shit. i literally wasted my life watching this movie. and the sanctified political piece of shit brother made me hate him his character even more every single second of this film. but then i watched king arthur and i was blown away at how awesome this movie was. i thought it was going to be boring, but i guess i shouldn't have expected anything less from guy ritchie. like the movie, snatched, i probably watched this movie a good five times as well. the acting was phenomenal. it was fast-paced and had me hanging on every word. the dude that played king arthur did a fantastic job. and even all the secondary characters did amazing as well. and jude law was super creepy. like he did a great job but, ugh, he literally gave me the creeps...a lot like is receding hairline. come on, jude, it's time to let go of the hair. 
have you seen any of these movies? thoughts?

and on to the movies i pulled from my collection this week. in no particular order.
who doesn't love a good teen-angst movie. obviously, paper towns is waaay better than lindsay lohan's drama queen disaster movie. what was disney thinking? or more importantly, why in the hell did i watch this movie? boredom, i guess. also fyi: the paper towns book is actually a pretty good read and the movie followed the book very well. which if you're a book lover like me, you know that hardly ever happens.
such a broad pick of movies on these, huh? these are some oldies, but goodies. i don't care what nobody says, role models will always be hilarious. life as we know it has my least favorite actress in it, but josh duhamel makes up for it. and of course, the movie the women is always an interesting one to watch. 
and lastly,
these two oldies. 90s films. gosh, sometimes i just miss the nineties. times were so much more simple back then, ya know. coincidentally, each of these films were given to me by my parents. my mom obviously gave me hope floats and my dad obviously gave me cutthroat island. i haven't watched either of them in awhile and was quickly reminded how much i dislike sandra bullock's little girl, bernice. she's such a freaking crybaby. talkin to her momma like she does, oh hell no. also i've noticed there's a lot of similarities in cutthroat island and the pirates of the caribbean movies. they should bring in geena davis for the next pirates of the caribbean movie...that would be badass.
moving on...TO BOOKS. my personal fav. but you may have already guessed that. i promise there's more to this post than just movies and books. swear
i finished these two books from the new series bloodlines that i've gotten really into. it's just as good as the vampire academy series. actually, it's better. i think because i'm getting to see it from all sides: the alchemiststhe moroithe dhampirsthe strigoi, the vampire hunters, and something entirely new-witches, spells and covens. [oh my] it is a fantasy lovers dream! it's all just so amazingly entertaining and just plain awesome. the indigo spell ended with such a crazy-awesome ending that i am on pins and needles to get started on the next book. i got the last three in this series ordered, and will get them in the mail tomorrow. totally can't wait. till then, though, i've been reading this:
i read the first one in a matter of three days. although this one isn't as fast-paced as the first one it is still just as good, strange, creepy and suspenseful. i'm sure i'll have it finished before the weekend ends. 
so, on monday, the solar eclipse happened. did any of you watch it? i was at work at my other job and didn't have solar glasses or a cardboard box handy, but i definitely heard all about it from customers coming in the store. i mean. i get it. it's cool. but i really wasn't all that interested, but instagram was. so i pulled some of my favorite posts from that day to share with yous.
soooo true. it was nice that we all finally came together on one thing when lately our country has been fighting with each other constantly and consistently since the beginning of the new presidential term.
even cats and dogs got along on this day. 
check out these fantastic shots taken by some brave and invested photographers.
what's your solar eclipse identity? mine? oracle of radical visions 
anyways, we all got along at least one day this year. 
check out these new purchases from my other job. i don't know if being surrounded lots of things is that good of an idea. but right now? my name is not-karen. here's the two goodies i got my hands on, and they didn't break my bank or make my bank account mad at me. 
 these amazingly, gorgeous, super comfy, glittery tennis shoes.
rhinestone gold hoops.

some of y'all don't know already, my daddy and i are putting an officially licensed razorback booth in soon. eek! i'm excited and nervous. excited because i do believe we'll do well, but nervous cause i don't want it too be too stressful, like the stores were. i don't think it will be, but i still have that in the back of my mind. 
this is the space we have reserved, and my dad and i both think it's a good spot. he's working on the design format since we can't use slat/grid wall for really weird reasons-but i'm not going to go into that. cause we can come up with a way to work around that stipulation, easily. i'm anxious to see what he comes up with. i'm really excited to be working with my daddy again. i miss working with him, but this will be less stressful and i think way more fun than the stressful stuff we've worked on before. plus i won't have to share my hard work with other people who didn't even remotely contribute like how it was with the stores and the rental property. believe me, doing all the work and then sharing the credit with some people who did nothing was pretty damn annoying. i know i can make things happen with good results. plus i'm hoping it will get me more active again so i can lose this atrocious weight i've gained this year. i think it will definitely be fun for us to work on together. so it looks like i'm getting into the razorback-game again. no pun intended. 
one last thing before i "sign off" for the day. check this amazingness out:
this is just wicked, mate. go harry potter daniel radcliffe! most celebrities wouldn't stop to spit on you if you were on fire. but daniel radcliffe didn't even think. he acted. check the article out here. harry potter still saving the day! we need more daniel radcliffe's in our world. right?

and that's where i'll end things today. thankfully, it's been a busy friday and i got an hour till i gotta do my closing duties we've got two stylists left and i got some laundry calling my name. maybe i'll be back on the blog tomorrow or maybe i won't. we'll just have to see, right? if not, you know the drill, i'll catch y'all same time, same place next week. happy weekend, harry potter fans!
"pick it up with both hands. did you see everything you needed to see? did you look away? you want to know why you still can't use it. i think you know the answer. you will face it when it's worth it to you. don't get me wrong, i look away. we all look away. but that is the difference between a man and a king."
[king arthur legend of the sword]

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