Saturday, August 19, 2017

An August Saturday

hello, remember me? i'm posting two days in a row. say what? it's true. the thing is i was nodding off while reading this article and figured maybe if i write then that will help me stay awake. the thing is, i went to sleep at 12:30 last night for this very reason. i had to be at the salon this morning at 9:00, and thought if i went to sleep early i would get up easier. NOPE. not the case. i mean, usually i am a 2 a.m-er kind of sleepin girl but y'all i was pooped yesterday. but this morning? I STRUGGLED! i coulda swore i set my alarm on my phone [i usually set two different alarms] for 7:30 but i guess i didn't. thankfully i did have my clock-alarm set for 8:00 though or else i may still be asleep. also, barry had told me last night that he was going to wake up at 8:00 and would make sure i was up. bullshit. that fool crazy man was still asleep at 8:30 this morning. and since we have this unspoken rule of not waking each other up, i just figured he wanted to sleep some more. which i can't see how cause i was burning-slap-up! like, i'm pretty sure i was sweating. so seeing him with both the sheet and blanket on while i had slung them off me way before my alarm even went off, was a bit weird. but, i got on up and made it to work just in time. and here we are. thankfully there are more people here today then there were yesterday. [thank goodness] time just seems to fly by when we're busier.

yesterday's post i sounded like mrs. complainer, so i wanted to apologize about that. it's just i've been sick for like two weeks with this damn sinus cold and i was bored-like-a-mug; so i get a bit cranky when i'm sick and bored. i'm sure my post sounded like i just hate my salon-job, but that couldn't be further from the truth. i do like working here...some days. it's just the last few fridays have been so boring! i don't know if it's because people are trying to get back into a routine after being on summer break or what, but i've been leaving early on fridays for three weeks. i'm hoping things will start to pick up again. i only have two more hours left of work and then i can go home and hang out in my pj's with my sweet wittle kitty cat. i gotta work my other job tomorrow, and i'm actually not looking forward to it because now i can't spend my sunday with barry.

anyways, barry and his son, blakelin are going to the topless 100 race in batesville, arkansas so i'll just be chillin at the house by myself tonight which oddly i'm looking forward to. maybe, i'll hit up a redbox. and just lay around and eat my new favorite combo:
this is what i ate for dinner last night. seriously, i could drink that sweet onion salsa. it is that GOOD! and i've always been a lover of tostitos hint of lime chips. plus, [big plus here] barry hates the hint of lime chips, which means, i get them alllll to myself. like seriously, though, he crazy for not liking the hint of lime chips. i went to kroger on thursday to restock on this combo and they had moved the salsa selection and i bout freaked out. but i eventually found them, they were in a weird spot but i got two new packs of them and my heart could rest easy. i've pretty much eaten all the salsa already. no shame in my game. it really is the best salsa i've ever had. and it's mild so my tongue doesn't feel like it's on fire before i get to my third chip.

what does make my tongue feel raw is..this candy:
i ate just a few of these last night and my tongue is hating me for it. i'm glad i only bought one bag instead of two. yea, i'm not one to just let candy sit around uneaten.
okay, one more thing before i finish off this post. i told y'all about this a week or so ago.
well, last sunday, we had a meeting about it and man, talk about confusing! there's just TOO MUCH information to remember for all these different products. also, the lady "teaching" us about it scheduled something else when we clearly had more questions so she seemed frustrated to leave us when really she barely covered the basics. i was excited about it but now? i'm hoping no one will ever ask me questions about it. and the price? INSANE. my sister tried to reason that "it really isn't that much considering the results you'll get." [or something like that] all i know is barry would kick my ass if i bought two hundred dollars worth of skincare products that i definitely won't use on a daily basis. luckily, not one single person has asked me about it, and i'm kind of hoping it stays that way. i really did consider getting some but after seeing the prices, um no thanks. hey, it may be okay for women whose husbands are bringing in the dough, but barry and i are very conscientious when it comes to spending our money. this isn't something i need, or really even want for that matter. so yea, i'm good. and savannah [the other receptionist] didn't seem interested either. i'm just hoping i won't have someone ask me about it, because this line is so confusing i don't know if i'd be even remotely good at explaining it. plus, it's not like i'll get commission for my sales. and yea, no thanks on being a consultant either. it seems very time-consuming. like, i already got two jobs. and i'm about to have three...more on the third job, later. all i can tell you is i'm gonna make a bundle.

anytways...i got an hour left up here and then i can relax for the rest of the day. check out this cute, cute, little picture i saw on instagram last night:
isn't this little girl just the cutest? i'm so happy she found her forever-home.
and last thing...
if you don't respect me, and treat me like YOU want to be treated, you besta believe you're dead to me. i'll throw you away like a dirty old dishrag. this quote is EVERYTHING! it's just one of the best quotes i've seen in awhile and really gets how i've been feeling about some folks and some places here lately. do you like quotes as much as i do? 

okay, now i'm gonna get back on this site and waste time for an hour till my shift ends. hope your weekend is filled with rainbows, butterflies and pretty sunshine.
 "and taken up with mrs. simpson. a woman with two husbands living. i told him straight. no divorced person can ever be received at court. he said it made him sublimely happy. i imagine that was because she was sleeping with him. "i give you my word," this is what he said. "i give you my word, we've never had immortal relations." stared square into his father's face and lied! when i'm dead, that boy will ruin himself, this family, and this nation within 12 months. who will pick up the pieces, hmm? herr hitler intimidating half of europe. marshal stalin the other half. who will stand between us, the jackboots and the proletarian abyss? you? well? with your brother shirking his duties, you're going to have to do a lot more of this."
[the king's speech]

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