Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wedding Talk: The Wedding Party

happy tuesday, summer lovebugs! man, do y'all ever get that feeling where you just feel F R E E? i have been feeling like that for the past four days and it is the most wonderful feeling. i was going to go out and try and get a new job but after working away in my art room for the past three days, i just don't think it's time. i just feel this strong pull, pulling me towards something to do with my artwork. i have literally worked my ass off for the past 10 years doing stuff that i didn't totally love. now it's time for me to jump out of my comfort zone and do what i've always wanted to do when i "grew up." ART! i have to be an artist. i need to be an artist. i have literally never been so sure of anything in my entire life..well besides knowing i wanted to marry my husband. i don't know what it is but it just feels right! i finally feel like i am on the right path. not only am i painting again..i am enjoying painting again. i literally have SO MANY ideas rolling around in my head, not just craft ideas, but paintings i want to execute. paintings that i will execute. i thought i would have to wait till i retired to pursue my american dream but i am ecstatically, happy to say there's no more waiting for me. it's my time. it won't be easy, and i don't see myself just selling my pieces left and right from the very start. but if i don't at least try, than that's a failure all on it's own. plus after posting this piece on my instagram and getting almost 40 likes was a huge confidence booster for me. the newest painting i started last night, is just going to be bad-freaking-ass. i promise to keep y'all updated on all the pieces i'm working on but today i'm sharing more pics from our wedding that was on november 11, 2016. we got our wedding video back, and oh em gee guys, it is AWESOME. i am so, so thankful we found an amazing videographer. today, there's quite a lot of photos in this next segment, but i just wanted to share all of them in one single post. so bare with me. there were just so many good ones that i couldn't really narrow them down. so you get em all in one post. your welcome.

first off here's the deets:
flowers, set up and coordination: bella terra estate
wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses: david's bridal
groomsmen shirts: dillards
hair: katherine grant [my sissy]
makeup: yours truly
and the amazing photography: molly anne sandefur
our wedding officiant, the amazing pastor of our church, dr. shaddox.
our daddies hugging after the ceremony.
our first family portrait. [barry, me, blake]
blake is barry's son, and now, my step-son.
my bridesmaids and i. [amy, liz, me, and kat] 
i just can't get over how beautiful their dresses turned out.
the groomsmen. [blake, barry's daddy, charles and barry's brother, brian]
the devore boys.
barry and his dad.
blake and barry / brian and barry
me and my sissy.
me and my sissy-in-law, liz.
me and my best friend, amy.
devore sibling picture. barry, beth and brian.
jenkins sibling picture. john allen, me, and kat.
this one of my sister laughing is literally one of my favs. her face is just pure joy. and that makes me very happy.
me and my daddy.
barry and my daddy.
me and my awesome parents.
barry's family and my new family.
me, barry and my family.
me, barry, my parents, and both sets of my grandparents.
my parents, me and barry and my momma's parents.
me, barry and my parents.
me, barry and my immediate family.
kat, me, barry and gary. 
liz, me, barry and john allen.
my parents, me, barry and barry's parents.
my family ain't afraid to do silly shots. clearly.
bridesmaids w/ groomsmen. kat & charles, amy & blake, liz & brian
the wedding party!
annnd that's it on the group posed photo shots. i have one more post to do about the wedding before i move on to share all about our fun honeymoon in branson and our reception at bella terra. what in the world am i going to post about after i finally recap on everything wedding/reception/honeymoon wise? not sure but i'm so happy to have a space to keep all these wonderful memories from the best, and most special day of my life. blogs are preetty awesome. i hope you enjoyed checking out more photos from my big day. it literally was the happiest day of my life. and i'm so thankful for everyone who helped make my dream wedding day possible. now, if only i could talk barry into buying the el camino that's for sale down the street as a first wedding anniversary present...hmmm. if only. hope the rest of your tuesday is filled with sunshine like mines is. hoping to be back here on friday, but if not hope y'all have a fun-filled weekend in the sun. that's my plan anyways. i just love the sun. obviously. 
"i'm so sorry for what happened last night. on my list of embarrassing things that i've done in my life, that was numbers one through seven,"
[parks and recreation]

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