Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Places I'd Rather Be: Instagram Version Volume 3

hello, hello. and a happy tuesday to you! i got to sleep in till noon today and it was awesome. no regrets. i worked at jenkins yesterday till 5:40 finishing up bills for our owners. i was determined to finish so i wouldn't have to come in today; that way i could SLEEP IN! i am working the 3-6 shift at the salon right now but that's otay, cause that means i can update yous on the going ons of my life. cause i know you are just so interested. that's sarcasm. really, ain't nothing much been going on. we bought a radio and some speakers this weekend for our boat. i cannot wait to see what it sounds like out on the lake. we are TOO EXCITED to get it installed and get our boat down to hot springs. [if you have a boat, people will wanna hang out with you] barry has been getting some dental work taken care of today, and i thought i was fine until i bit down on a rolaid a couple days ago, well and now my tooth is starting to hurt. oh boy. i swear we spend more time and money at the dentist's office more than any place else. [i chose the wrong profession] let's see, what else? 
we went and hung out with my sister's family on sunday afternoon at their new house they just moved into. it's lovely. and their kids are really enjoying it. speaking, of moving. i think barry and i have decided to go ahead and try to list our house on the market. we have a house we are very much in love with [in the city limits] and it has such potential for our future plans with devore developments. not getting our hopes up and not getting into too much detail yet, but we think we have figured out a way to have land, a workshop, and a bigger house still in north little rock's city limits. but we really gotta sell our house before we make any bigger decisions. first things first though...our house is a WRECK. no lies. mainly just the bedrooms. so i have been working hard on organizing all three of them to get them in better shape. the art room, however, looks like hobby lobby came over and threw up like 5 aisles of craft supplies and just shut the door. because believe me, that's what it looks like. it's totally that room where we are like, "what do i do with this random object?" "oh, let's just put it in the art room." ugh. it's become the worse habit ever. 
also, before we move on into this post, if you are wondering, yes, i am still addicted to this show. i just can't stop. barry and my friend/coworker, beth, have been making fun of me for even liking this show. i can't help it! the mama drama is absolutely insane. i can't believe they actually act like that. i mean, in the private home towns, okay. but on NATIONAL TELEVISION! it's just like wreckage after a tornado, you just can't help but feel sickened, but you cannot look away. also, no worries, i have STILL been watching this show on repeat. i will probably come home one day and barry will have hidden them along with the bbq potato chips and oreos. i just love all the characters so so much. especially lemon breelandAB and of course the very attractive, wade kinsella. if you haven't seen this show, then shame on you. just kidding. or am i?

okay so i am still obsessed with screenshots. yeah, i know, no surprise there. i mean, there are just so many pretty pictures floating around instagram and on all the accounts i follow. so i am going to start breaking them up so i don't overwhelm y'all. check out volume one here and volume two here. maybe you will find some new accounts you'll want to follow. 
here we go...places i'd rather be than stuck at work on a cloudy day in arkansas.
 that view. i mean, come on. this room from 1st dibs would be the best place to curl up with a book.
another 1st dibs all-white room. perfect for entertaining some of you fav guests.
how cool is this walkway photo from abandoned earth? that blue/green water is absolutely beautiful.
i wanna ride a horse in the ocean! best vacations really does feature the best vacations.
i will see the pink lake one of these days. another winner from best vacations.
although pink bath water is probably the closet i'll get. charlotte russe knows what's up.
i could totally lay out for hours on one of these yellow lounge chairs. daisy natives has the right idea.
hobby lobby needs to come and make my art room look more like THIS!
i know christmas is over but i would still come hang out in this hooray everyday room even in april.
is okay that i want this incy interiors room as my own?
this wallpapered room from incy interiors gives me all the heart eyes!
this designed photo from kohl's makes me want to break my bank.
another kohl's room that makes me want to jump in the picture and live there.
i wanna be wherever madmavenstyle is cause you know she be having fun.
next time mindy kaling better take me here with her! i mean, if we were besties. which we should be.
my truwood gots the right ideas: this needs to be in my backyard.
although, i'd take this too. another my truwood dream.
and one more from my truwood. cause i can.
what a tranquil spot from nena and co.
palms up if you're as in love with this nena and co photo as i am!
not only would i live in this nena and co photo, but i know my husband would, too.
i just love this oh joy party picture. 
loving this desk and decor though, too from oh joy.
this turquoise house? yes please. packed party got the right idea here. 
balloon confetti? or just one big party? thank you, studio mucci.
ending this post with these beautiful babes taken by tamera mowry
and there ya have it. i'm trying to post whenever i am here working at the salon. i am so happy i have gotten back into the blogging game and am not just posting about books and movies. although...speaking of movies...you looking for a super duper funny as hell movie to see? i gots one for you. this one. you have to watch it. i mean if you actually like dark comedies that are hilarious then check it:
barry and i laughed our butts off. and when we watched it a second time, we laughed even harder. SEE THIS! it was everything i love in a comedy movie.
and now, i'm hungry. thankfully, my bae is taking me to one of our fav places for dinner tonight. i CANNOT wait. and you already know i am about to tear me up some seafood. 
"over my dead body. do you know how hard i've worked to make this evening special? between the duck and the irises and squeezing all those damn lemons? and all you people can talk about is football, football, football and, "you sure you wanna eat that?" and then this little piece of new york city sass comes walking in here to steal my daddy?! if anybody is leaving this sham of a dinner party, it is me, lemon breeland. do you hear that? i am leaving. i am leaving. i am leaving!"
[hart of dixie]

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