Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wedding Talk: The Morning Of (Getting Ready)

hey there and happy thursday. we just got a few short days until the weekend. hallelujah! except i thought i would have saturday off so i could sleep in and read my book while my husband is working...BUT i got wrangled into working saturday at the salon. the girl who was supposed to work had something more fun come up, i guess and asked me to take her shift. sooo i figured, why not? i need the money and..well, i was trying to think of another benefit but nothing's coming to me. oh well, it was also give me a chance to edit pictures, and maybe post again. but on SUNDAY...i am going to see phantom of the opera with my daddy at the robinson center in little rock. we are going to go eat dinner here in downtown and then head over to watch the show. i am so looking forward to it. the last time we saw phantom of the opera we were in las vegas. i loved it! it was my first time seeing it and i can't wait to see it again in the newly renovated robinson auditorium. it sounds like i am going to have a pretty good weekend. other than the fact that i have to work. 
what are your weekend plans?

before i get started i wanted to show my pictures of the day i said, "yes to the dress." that was such a fun day and i am glad my mom and sister were there with me when i found THE ONE. 
this was the first dress i tried on and every one after it just wasn't right. when you know, you know.
and naturally we had to celebrate with margaritas. this day was awesome.

okay so today i wanted to start posting pictures of our beautiful wedding day. the entire day was like a dream. a dream i planned. and it all turned out so wonderful and has literally been the best day of my life thus far. there are SO many pictures and i'm in love with like ALL OF THEM. so i will be breaking down the wedding day in separate posts. i am so happy with our photographer. she did some amazing work and i will truly cherish every single one of these pictures for the rest of my life. 

okay first, my mom came and picked me up on the morning of november 11th to head to my bridal brunch with my mom and bridesmaids at the garden bistro in north little rock. we had brunch, drank mimosas, talked about the big day and i gave each of my bridesmaids a necklace with a purple gem to match their dresses plus a golden initial charm. 
the necklaces turned out beautifully and i hope each one of my bridesmaids will cherish theirs. the necklaces are from this etsy shop. purchase your own here.

i also got my mom, my dad, and my sweet husband a small gift too. i got barry a watch found here to match his ring i got from the same shop. i got my mom a personalized necklace found at this etsy shop. i fell in love with the necklace as soon as i got it in. so happy i went with it. and my dad i found him a pocket watch from this site and had it engraved. i so happy i did gifts thanking all the people who helped make my big day the best day ever. 

after leaving the garden bistro we headed to my sister's salon [where i work] to do our hair and makeup. i am so happy i asked our photographer to come to the salon to take a few 'getting ready' pictures. the salon is so modern and way more fancy then the room we booked at the church. 
i really love this photo.

after i finished at the salon, i left my bridesmaids to finish getting ready and my mom and i headed on to the church to get dressed for the 'first look.' 
i really love this photo.
the finishing touches before the 'first look.'

after i got back from the 'first look' with my very handsome husband; my bridesmaids had made it and were getting their dresses on. we decided to snap a few group shots with our phones before the ceremony started.
their dresses turned out even more beautiful than i thought. each dress was perfect for each body type. and the COLOR!

the groomsmen and father of the bride shirts matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. 
barry's dad
barry's brother
barry's son and my step-son.
my daddy. 
AND that's the first batch of wedding day photos i am going to show you. no worries, though there are plenty more posts to come. like our 'first look' that literally ended up being my favorite part of the whole day and the pictures we got are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! i cannot wait to share. plus i still have a few bridals to post, our honeymoon in branson and the reception. i hope you enjoyed the random array i had for you today. just trying to remember every little thing from my special day. 
okay so i have an hour and half left here at work and then it is ON to the grocery store...or home to read in bed whichever one wins. who are we kidding? the book always wins.
"listen. this weekend was a nightmare. i had this whole elaborate plan, and then somewhere between giving your sister a black eye and setting the house on fire, it kind of went off track. i just--i love you. i love you so much. and i think if we can get through what we got through in the last 48 hours, we could get through anything."
[meet the parents]

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