Friday, February 10, 2017

The Backpack Trend

get this print here. i just stated following this chick on instagram. she posts the prettiest prints, cards and crafts i have ever seen. seriously this girl is one talented woman.

well there, hello, friday! so glad you are here. it has been a fantastic week for me. i am working at the salon till three today then headed down to jenkins to finish up some stuff i didn't have time for yesterday. it should be a busy friday for me. and it's beautiful outside, so no complaints here. i am just loving life right now. 

today, i wanted to share something else i am loving:
posted a few weeks ago about a backpack i had ordered online from my favorite site. this backpack:
well it came in a few days later, and i am so so happy i punched the gun and bought this baby before they sold out of this color. the blue is just dreamy blue and i fell even more in love with it when i ripped it out of it's shipping package.
my backpack. it is PERFECT. i absolutely love it. i can carry it all sorts of ways and all my stuff fits in it just perfectly. i can find things easier, it doesn't break my shoulder carry it, and my kindle was just made to be carried in this backpack. i am so in love with it. as you can tell.

well, it seems that the backpack trend is BACK IN! i have seen several other backpacks up for grabs on some of my other favorites sites. so i thought i would show some of them off to y'all, so if you wanna hop on this trend [and you totally should] there's links to some favorites below. 
last time i checked SF was out of the baby blue [like mine] but this backpack also comes in three other colors: pink, black and tan. get your very own HERE.
SF also has this more simple backpack on their site now, too. and it costs a little less for you folks who don't wanna pay $68 + shipping for a backpack. [even though it is totally worth it] get this simple, fun and velvet backpack HERE
mindy mae's market is probably my second favorite site after savoir-faire. i searched for backpacks on her site and came across this beauty. now, yikes, it is a bit pricey, but so is a small gucci handbag. but at least with this backpack you can fit more than a tube of lipgloss in it's cargo space. find this backpack HERE.
this beauty i just randomly found online by just searching for "fashion backpacks" and this was one of the first ones i saw. i have never heard of this bonanza site but looks like they got some great stuff for really good deals, too. find this pretty in pink backpack HERE.
kikilarue has been posted about this essential backpack all week. it definitely looks like you could put all your purse goodies in it + maybe a few other things. this would be a good weekend or travel bag. if you wanna snag this backpack you can get it HERE.
so this nena and co backpack costs more than someone's car payment but init just lovely? and that girl's pastel colored hair is pretty awesome. this is just such a pretty pic. nena and co has several backpacks on their site. most of them are $200 to $400 though. ouch. but they are custom made and one of a kind, so i get it. you can get this particular one HERE.
this one is from kohls and is a bit on the small side, but i still thought it was pretty cute. not sure if you could get all of your "purse stuff" in this one but maybe. your "purse stuff" might not be as much as mines. pick up this backpack HERE.
i love this little pineapple backpack from tj maxx. i would totally carry this one, too. looks like it has several compartments to fit lots of stuff. get this little yellow guy HERE.
this is another tj maxx backpack i really liked. it just SO different. but then i saw it's price tag. wowza. i'm not sure this little glittery things is worth that. but if you like it and wanna spend the moola to get it, you can do that HERE.
another break-the-bank backpack from tj maxx. i had no clue they sold expensive stuff. i guess cause i never go to the tj maxx here in north little rock. it's to urbanized. or ghetto, really. they don't have clothes for white girls at the nlr tj maxx. i have to go to the one in hot springs if i wanna get some basic white girl stuff. but if you want it, have at it, HERE.
lastly, i had to check out target's backpacks, too. like tj maxx, target has quite the collection. and all for good deals. this was the first one that popped up on my search and i love the pop of pink with accented gold. get this bubblegum poppin backpack HERE.
to me, fringe will always be in style. i just love it. this is also such a pretty neutral color that you could wear it with just pretty much anything. get this basic beauty HERE.
and lastly, i just loved the simplicity of this backpack. it looks expensive. and also looks like it would be a good travel bag. plus fringed tassels, my fav! get this black [or tan] beauty HERE.
not only did i treat myself to my new backpack but i also caved and bought this tee:
unfortunately, they are out of stock on this particular tee but they get restocks in all the time.
and that, my friends, is it for friday! i'm not too sure what i'm getting into this weekend. i know my handsome husband has to work tomorrow so i may go exchange a christmas present i have been putting off doing because i have to go to the mall to do it. honestly, i hate going to the mall. it's just too much sometimes and all the stores are too tempting. either way, i know for sure i will be reading. finished another book last night. i have read three books so far for this month, and six books total for 2017. the alex cross books are just TOO addicting. hope your weekend is filled with sunshine, sweet treats, and plenty of fun things. hope mines is, too.
"you know, your car seats are making me itchy, man. what are these made out of? cactus?"
[there's something about mary]

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