Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sick and Blogging

yes, i am still sick but didn't realize i was so bad off until this weekend hit. my sweet husband and i had already made plans for both saturday and sunday but unfortunately, i had to miss out on both. i'm still battling this nasty cold. all weekend i just felt miserable. today, i will say i do feel a lot better than i have the past three days. i'm just glad i seem to be getting better than worse. barry really wants me to go to the doctor but i just don't want to. i know he is going to want to put me on an antibiotic but i'm allergic so it will be a steroid shot to the butt...and we alllll know what that means...LET'S EAT ALL THE FOODS. so tbh i'll just take the cold. i have a feeling i can get rid of it by just drinking lots of water and taking cold medicine. i can breathe out of both nostrils now and that my friends is a huge blessing. 

but just because i am sick does not mean i am missing work. i'm working the salon today and friday and then jenkins tomorrow and thursday. i just need to take it easy. so that's why i am sick but also blogging on this fine summery last day of january. seriously, the weather is in the seventies here in arkansas. barry and i will definitely be taking an after-work walk this evening. 

i'm just loving my work schedule nowadays. check it:
mondays-off all day
tuesdays-mornings off, working afternoon shift at the salon
wednesdays-working jenkins all day
thursdays-working jenkins all day
fridays-working mornings at the salon
saturdays-off all day
sundays-off all day
THE PERFECT schedule, amiright? 3-day weekends all the time! it feels so good to be in such a great position in my life. things are going just great! now if i didn't have to catch a cold every month; they would be even sweeeeter! but i'll take what i can get. 

soooo i finally got most of our christmas decorations down and in their containers. except my tree. yes, all the ornaments have been put safely away. as well as the ribbon, burlap, fillers, tree topper and picks. but the lights are still on, the tree skirt still down and the tree standing tall. it's just so pretty. and it takes some getting used to not seeing it after it's thrown back into the attic again. i was going to tackle the tree and get the boxes and totes back up in the attic yesterday but the big bad cold prevented that from happening. oh darn. 

speaking of big and bad...i just finished reading this book:
the big bad wolf. i have been on an alex cross kick for the past few months. the last one i read was pretty boring. well i mean, it wasn't as fast paced as this one or any of the others i have read so far. it took me longer to get through it than the other eight i have read. 
are you into the alex cross novels?

speaking of reading...one thing i just hate is when people say, "i don't have time to read." LIES! you mean to say, "i choose to not spend my time reading." doesn't that sound right!? how many times do you check facebook or any other social media account in a day? that time could be spent reading. stuck in traffic, stuck at a drive thru, waiting at the bank, pharmacy, doctor's office? other opportunities to READ! try it! i have already seen a lot of people i know who are not readers resoluting to read more in 2017. if you think reading is boring then you have not found the genre of books that are meant for you. let me suggest this book: 
if you think books are boring then you just need something more fast paced than the books you have picked up in the past. try picking this book up. it is fast paced and told from different character's points of view which can make things way more interesting. 
seriously though, hearing people say they hate to read or just don't have time to just makes me cringe. i know your facebook page is updated. so why don't you update your mind and pick up a book. 

i won't lie to you though, i have found myself indulging in other things besides books and chocolate. like 11 tv channels. my husband has been bugging me to get cable tv ever since we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. but i won't budge. i told him if he wanted to get it, to give em a call. i'll meet em at the house and make sure the bill gets paid every month. but that's as far as i'll go. so he went out and got us some "bunny ears" and we get a good bit of channels. all eleven of them. but still we got a pretty good line up of shows. like:
we haven't been keeping up with this one as much, but get really into it when we do watch.
we get really into this show. so entertaining.
barry is convinced he could be on this show. but i think him and chef ramsey would bump heads, and maybe even fists. we hate all the "yes, chef" and "no, chef" and "sorry chef" that you have to endure from the contestants through every episode. yea, b would not be down for that. 
this show is entertainment central. the food, the stars, the DRAMA! one of our favs, no doubt.
every friday night. we have not missed an episode since we started watching. 
so how bout you? what's your favorite tv shows?

last thing to report on. this goofy one:
she went back to the vet to get some better xrays taken and she was frightened beyond control and tbh so was i. i didn't know if something bad was taking over my poor kitty cat. i felt so helpless not being able to do anything about the awful coughing fits she kept continuing to have every few days. the xrays came back okay though. nothing lodged in her throat, her lungs are in good shape. the only thing the vet could see was some inflammation in her throat which could be caused by something she is allergic to. so he gave her an anti-inflammatory + a steroid shot and gave me a bill of $205 and sent us on our way. she had one coughing fit that evening but so far she has taken the medicine well and hasn't had anymore fits to my knowledge. woo we are just thankful it's not as bad as it seemed.

ookay that is all i have time for today. i know my post was ALL over the place today, but when you sick you do what ya can. feel me? no actually i don't want you to feel me. because being sick is the worst. hoping to kick this cold's ass and will be ready to conquer the rest of my week come tomorrow. mainly, praying for a better night's sleep tonight. for my sake and for barry's.
"daddy? i still don't get it. why do we keep having all these days? and then, going to bed at night? and then, having all these days? and then, going to bed at night? when will it end? won't i get bored of doing all this stuff again and again and again? you and mommy are bored."
[sex tape]

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