Thursday, December 8, 2016

I'm Back and It's December

hello and happy december. cannot believe it is already christmastime again. it feels like we just took all the christmas decorations down. i mean we kinda did. our christmas tree sat in the living room [undecorated] for awhile before we finally packed it up and threw it in the attic. i love decorating for christmas. it is just so much fun to me. i think i may do something different to my front porch this year but i haven't decided yet. that's the last thing i need to decorate and then i just need to get my husband to put up our christmas lights. maybe he can do that this weekend.
have you decorated for christmas yet?

as you may of saw above, i said my husband instead of boyfriend/fiance. yep, i am officially a married woman. i am off the market. our wedding which was on 11/11 was just absolutely perfect! it was literally the best day of my life. i cannot wait to share with y'all all the events that led up to our marriage plus the honeymoon and our reception. but i want to wait until we get back our pictures from our photographer. just to give you a sneak peek though, here's a couple of pictures from our big day that my friend and bridesmaid, amy took. i was so wrapped up in all the wonderfulness that i just didn't think to take any pictures with my own phone.
everything really was perfect. i cannot wait to share with you guys. 
today though i thought i would do what i have been doing since i started this blog and tell you guys what's on my christmas list this year. a lot of it is stuff i registered for at dillard's. everybody and their momma bought us stuff from our bed bath and beyond registry. but i registered for our dishes at dillard's so we haven't even come close to getting all the dishes we need. but christmas is right around the corner so i have a feeling we'll be able to get a few more things. plus we still need to go use all the billions of gift cards we got. seriously, i cannot believe we got all the gift cards we got. we are both so incredibly grateful to have amazing people who wanted to give us presents to start our married life together.

now not everything i want for christmas is registry items. there's a few things i asked my husband for and hopefully he won't have a hard time finding them. i had to send him a few pictures of some of the things to help him out. husbands need help sometimes. although last year he got me two things that i didn't ask for. two things that he went and found all on his own and they ended up being my favorite gifts. i told him he could do that again this year if he was brave enough. 
okay now let's get into this list.

i can show my husband anything and he can pretty much make it. he's good like that. so i showed him this and hope he'll make it for me for christmas.
[OK the first girl's eyebrows are totally freaking me out. right?]
i really like the olive one the best. 

and that's ALL i asked for. not much. kidding of course. tbh my husband's christmas wishlist was longer than mine. he definitely is going to get everything he asked for because he is such a good boy. and i love him more than i ever thought i could love someone. i'm lucky to have him. and just cause, here is three pictures from our engagement photos session that we loved the best.
don't ya love em. i cannot wait to get some prints back so i can fill my many frames at home with all our beautiful pictures. our photographer was really easy to work with and if you're in the central arkansas area i would suggest her in a heartbeat. 

promise to share more about our wedding and all the events that wrapped around that special day. it really was the happiest day of my life. i'll be back soon.
"there are only four questions of value in life, don octavio. what is sacred? of what is the spirit made? what is worth living for? and what is worth dying for? the answer to each is the same. only love."
[don juan demarco]

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