Thursday, November 3, 2016

8 Days Away

from our "big day." i cannot believe it. 

planning a wedding in three months has taught me a few things. one being, to choose your friends carefully because you can in fact choose your friends, whereas you cannot choose your family. two, you can in fact plan a wedding in three months. you do not need a full year or six months. i've had past brides tell me this was their biggest mistake. who wants to be stressed out for 6 months over just one day? and three, it's just a day. yes, it might be considered the "big day" but on this big day everything will go fine and i'll remember the stuff that made me happy and carefree over the stuff that made me stressed and upset.

everything has been going so smoothly that i doubt anything wrong will happen next friday. i am not looking forward to having to work next thursday from ten to six, when i will be freaking out about finishing last minute stuff. but that's what i have my wedding planner mom for. we have been working on going through the 3,000 300 different, beautiful bridal portraits i had done to pick some to use at our reception on the 18th. seriously, one of the hardest things i've had to do wedding wise so far. we should be getting our engagement pictures soon. [can't wait] my rings are at the jeweler now getting sized-i miss my ring! i got my bridesmaids gifts ready to go, we picked up the rest of the groomsmen shirts today, barry's ring came in and it fits great, we went and got our marriage certificate on tuesday, barry went and picked up the last altered bridesmaid's dress, we found and purchased our guest stones last night, and we are going boot shopping [for barry] this weekend. yes, so like i said, everything is going so smoothly. i am so thankful that things are going great for the both of us. this is the most happy i have ever been and i cannot wait to leave for a fun honeymoon with my husband next saturday. i hear branson is already decorated for christmas. three things i love, my barry, branson and christmas!

we'll come back from our honeymoon on the 17th, party with friends and family at our reception on the 18th, and then the next week we will get to celebrate thanksgiving as husband and wife. 
life is sweeeet!
"i didn't tell it to your grandma either. but she knew. why? because words don't mean shit in this world, will. it's what a person does for you that counts."
[the forger]

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