Saturday, September 24, 2016

Queen P

well it's saturday, and here i am blogging. in the morning. at nine forty five. woah. my eyes are wondering what in the hell i am doing. i swear the bags under my eyes have bags. it is that bad. i am trying to keep myself up and alert in order to greet our clients but it is very hard. oh and don't get me started on how bad my voice sounds this morning. i started to describe what my throat is feeling like right now, but i just can't go into the discrusting [there's a hint] details with you. anyways, i'm blogging on a saturday because i am here at the salon working and well why the hell not?
lately i have been taking some pretty cute funny pictures of my darling little cat, piper. since barry has moved in, her personality has changed a bit. before it was just two bitches living together but now we got this sweet man in our lives who likes doing things for us. and she is living it up. i mean she has basically acted like a queen her whole life but i think she knows by now that i can see through her bullshit. barry though? nah. i'm pretty sure she's always thought of herself as royalty. i mean when i first laid eyes on her, she was chilling up in a windowsill staring down at all the other kitties in the room her kingdom. she hasn't changed much since. she is not a snuggler. i mean what queen is? well except for maybe queen elizabeth. speaking of queen elizabeth, have y'all seen this movie? is it sad to say that i loved every minute of this film? maybe. barry wasn't at all into it so i was thinking gosh, great, another tween movie that i love. and can't live without but come to find out this movie is PG-13. yea, so it's not so tweeny if it's pg-13, right? do tweens watch pg-13 movies? shit, i couldn't when i was a tween. ok maybe, i did watch this one. and yea, it gave me nightmares for like a full year. so glad i opted out of watching this one at a sleep over. amiright? anyways, what i am saying is, see this movie. 

now, back to talking about the reason for this post. i just had to re-read to get back on base. she is definitely not a snuggler. never has been. well except in the car. but i think that's mainly because she wants to be in the driver's seat. in control. and boy does she have both barry and i in her clutches. i like to think that p has a bit of a passive aggressive personality. thinking that she is the queen of the household. and tbh she actually is. and i have no problem with that. she is a bit passive aggressive but she does love barry and i. [her loyal subjects] i don't know if that's just because we feed her or what but when i call her she does come running into my arms to greet us or runs to her food bowl to rub against our legs. she really is an easy going cat but with a bit of a passive aggressive side when she is feeling frisky. but that's a cat for ya, right?
check out the collection of photos of ms. queen p herself, stuck enjoying her life of luxury.
this last one was just taken last night. she turned around right when i took the photo. can't no one be as sneaky as this cat right here. don't get me wrong she is still quite the scaredy cat. as for barry's thought bubble: he talks in his sleep. a lot. i try to make out what he's saying but it's not easy. this is one of the lines i caught him saying one time. pretty hilarious, right. he was passed plum out and he was talking in his sleep but i could understand it this time. he also sleepwalks which thankfully our alarm tells us when and what door is opened if he goes outside. i have only caught him sleepwalking twice, and both times he went outside....
well, i got two more hours working here at the salon then i am headed home to my main man and my queen piper. barry ending up not having to work today and well you know p never has to work. oh, the life of a cat.
"i spent my whole life combing the planet for aliens, and you're carrying around one in your purse like a chihuahua."
[transformers: revenge of the fallen] 

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