Monday, April 18, 2016

Mondays: The Struggle

hi there. it's monday again. i so wish i was still in bed right now. i have no energy on mondays which just makes it the hardest day of the week. ugh. my eyes are steadily drooping. i feel like i'm back in math class. man, i'm just really struggling so here are some funny pictures and good quotes that pretty much sum up my life right now.


and there you have it. i hope you get through your monday. maybe these little quotes will help.
can you act professional? for at least two more days, until i kill you off in a boarding school train accident. i don't know. either that, or a science explosion. just something. you're gonna be dead soon. that's the good news, okay? so, give me some fake hugs now and laugh real loud like we're the happiest family on earth."
[just go with it]

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