Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Saturday

i don't know bout you's guys but last saturday was a good one for me. it was sunny out and i actually got outta bed and did stuff. it was in the high 70s and i was not going to miss out on the sun. so when i woke up around 12 instead of taking a shower like i should have intended to do i got dressed to head out to an estate sale. the thing about most estate sales is they mark everything 50% off on saturday and sunday, so those are definitely the days to go.

i decided, since the weather was sooooo nice, to wear shorts! yep first time to rock some shorts this year. i had tried on a few pair but some of them were a little tight and just didn't look right with my knotted piko. well i had recently found some old cut off shorts i hadn't been able to wear in a few years..i tried them on and they little fit like a glove.
seriously these might become a summer staple. anyways, after getting dressed i headed out to the estate sale. there were a lot of people there...and a lot of junk. 

naturally i hit up the laundry room/kitchen first. i like to hit up the dish towel pile cause who doesn't need more dish towels. it seems like i always do. plus i like finding ones that have been used since the 60s. i found four. then moved on to the kitchen. nothing much..they always have tons of spices and several sets of silverware. that morning i was looking on instagram and this girl posted about her new gold silverware she just got in. well if you have read my 30 before 30 list then you know i'm in the market of buying some silverware. i didn't even know they made gold silverware. i then decided yep i'm copying haley and getting gold silverware. well look what i saw at in the kitchen:
how ironic right? i thought about buying it, but there were too many little spoons and only three big spoons. it clearly was missing some pieces. 

here's my haul. y'all this house had SO MANY BOOKS. like shelves and shelves of books. i found three fun bright colored ones. i saw that sewing book from far away and had to remove tons of books that were on top of him. i just loved the pink book and didn't realize till i dug it outta the pile that the cover was pretty neat, too. the hawaii five-o book, i stepped on cause several books were just all over the floor. i shoulda taken a pic of the piles and piles of books. it was crazy. 

in the dining room i found the green vase for .50 cents and the white vase with flower arrangement, for only a dollar fifty. i moved up stairs. wow. talk about looooaaads of junk. i went into one small closet that was full of mens bright colored dress shirts. like the four you see above. i got each of them for a dollar. it was so funny, cause i was going through the shirts and this funny lady was on the floor below me going through all the sewing supplies that was just covering the closet's floor. this closet was tiny, too. we were laughing like crazy. it was fun. that's one of my fav things about estate sales are the people and being able to just dig through someone's closet. it's just funny, you know. 

there was one bedroom that was just full of hats, christmas decor, and WIGS! lots of wigs. i didn't find much in that room. the closet in there was a crapper. just old crap. there was a perfume bottle i liked but passed it up. i did find this really cute western shirt...huh not! seriously i hope nobody bought it.
that's not even half of the wigs that i saw. creepy. i headed to the last room that i hadn't been in yet. passed my closet friend who said she was going to put a load down and then come back up for more. [i'd hate to see her house.] i then headed into the last room, a bright pink bathroom. and there on the floor wad a beautiful old school scale. i immediately HAD to have it. but my arms were too full to carry something that large and in charge. so i did like my closet friend did, went down and dropped a few things off on the "hold table." 

i headed back upstairs, but the door to the bathroom was closed and locked. what?! no! so i kinda acted like i was looking at some of the broken clocks that were on a table in the hallway. finally the man who i'd seen trying on hats [sick] came out of the bathroom, after i heard the toilet flush. seriously? who uses the bathroom at an estate sale? weird. i was afraid my closet friend and creepy hat guy had snatched up my scale but nope there it sat. so glad i put some stuff down cause that bad boy is heavy. 
i decided to stop there, and head to check out. i was afraid i'd spent too much. but when they lady told me that'll be $17 i was stunned. really? i got allll of this for just seventeen bucks?! freaking score! the books were the most expensive. everything else was like $2 or less. awesome. i loaded my jeep headed out to my next errand. 
i needed to go to hobby lobby to pick up a few little things. while i was out i went and got myself a caramel frappuccino then headed back home to work on a few projects + find new homes for all my new stuff. 

when i got home i saw these sitting on my porch:
i had ordered some new accessories from my favorite place and they had arrived. i was too stoked to get inside and see my new things. i have been in desperate need of a good work purse, with durable straps that can handle carrying a little more than what i would normally carry on a normal day. so when savoir-faire posted THIS on their instagram, i immediately went to purchase this purse i'd been eyeing. plus they posted some more sunglasses [my weakness] on their site including one pair in particular i had been really wanting. this pair:
geo sunnies
and then since i was needing a brown pair of shades i went ahead i got these, too.
i just love how SF packages the goodies. and here's a peek at my purse:

after getting over all my new stuff situated. i headed out in my backyard to spray paint my chinese proverbs, i made a few years ago. y'all the weather was just gorgeous! definitely the perfect day to spray paint.
while waiting to do more coats, i just sat out on my deck's stairs and enjoyed the wonderful weather. my yard's grass is turning green again, the trees have leaves, and my neighbor's ivy [that i love] is growing along the the back of my fence line. ahh i'm loving my back yard. i really need to get some deck furniture.
yep if i sit on those steps i can't see one single neighboring window. my 8 foot fence is definitely a favorite.

i had ran outta spray paint, and started to get things cleaned up for the day. i was going to text and friend and see if she wanted to catch a movie but when i looked at the clock it was 6:30 and i was pooped. so i headed to redbox to get a few movies and just stayed in for the night. i watched this movie:
and hung out with this sweetie..
she's basically my favorite. can't believe i ever even considered giving her away.

anyways, as you can see my saturday was pretty jam packed. i had a fun day just hanging out by myself. i'm looking forward to hitting up more estate sales now that it's starting to warm up. i have a few more spray painting projects i'm trying to get done before friday so i know i'll be outside lots this week. hey, i'm okay with it even if the temp has dropped a little bit. as long as the sun's shining and all i need is a light crew neck than hey, i'm okay with that. anyways, i need to get back to work now. i got a few orders to pull for the stores and then get organized for the new rent week that's going to hit on thursday.
so. did you have a fabulous saturday like i did?
happy last day of april!
"i don't need to be friends with her. i have plenty of female friends. my mom, her mom, my aunt, although she just blocked me on i.m. what's-her-face from quiznos. i see her four times a week."
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  1. I love estate sales too. It's fun to hunt through the junk! I bought a fabulous red coat at an estate sale a couple years ago.

    How did you like Jobs? We loved it!

  2. lovely, cute sunglasses!

  3. Girrrrrrl - it is so bitter sweet we don't live near each other. Don't get me wrong - it would be awesome as we are probably blogging soul mates. But we would get into so much trouble. Seriously. I have had this urge to go antiquing and thrifting for the longest time. I'm afraid of what I might end up with though! Come visit me in Virginia! :)