Monday, March 24, 2014

My Bright Sunshiny Weekend

hey there! i don't know about you's fellas but ya girl had a pretty damn good weekend. i went to hot springs to see my bestie. we literally hadn't gotten to see each other since christmas. that's just waay too long. naturally, like always, we had a blast. it was a pretty weekend, too. i swear, i was starting to get depressed dealing with cloudy, snowy, rainy weather. not this weekend. nope. there was sunshine all weekend long. and i soaked up every bit of it. it was still pretty chilty but boy was it beautimus. 

i woke up bright and early on saturday morning. aka nine o clock. i got dressed and hit the road around noon. i swear it was such a lovely drive down there. no traffic. just me, the road, and sunshine. after i got to stormi's her and i went out for lunch at this joint.
she said this place had opened up just a month or so ago and it's been their go-to spot as of late. i had never eaten at a panda express before. um it definitely won't be my last time. we shared a plate and every thing we picked out was absolutely amazing. so glad we had decided on chinese food.

after lunch we went back to her house. stormi put ava [her baby] down for a nap. i had bought this movie down with me just in case her and caleb [her husband] hadn't seen it yet. they hadn't. so we watched it while the baby was napping.
i ended up dozing off. but stormi and caleb said they really liked it. that's a disney movie for ya. the rest of the day we just hung out and basically watched the baby. caleb made bagel bites for dinner. stormi and i went out later to get ingredients to make our favorite drink: "pirate drink." it just has two ingredients: this rum and this soda. y'all we used to drink this all the time back in our "college" days. i had forgotten how good it is. 

anyways, we also exchanged our birthday presents. stormi's birthday was in february and we just haven't had any time to hang out so i haven't given her her present yet. i got her this necklace with ava's and caleb's initials. she loved it. [naturally] and she got me this:
we were both talking about crop tops one day on the phone and so she surprised me with two of them AND a necklace to match. i'm wearing the sweater one and necklace today. my best friend knows me so well.

after dinner, and putting the baby to bed we watched this:
we LOVE i love lucy! we always joke that stormi is lucy and i am ethel. stormi is always cooking up some crazy scheme or something silly for us to do and i'm always the one going along with it. we hadn't watched these together in a long time so it was fun laughing at their shenanigans together.

i left her house around midnight to go and crash at my lake house. 
the next morning i woke up at 6 in the morning due to constant bird calls going on right outside my bedroom window. loud as all get out, too! i swear it sounded like a damn zoo out there. and i could not, i mean could not go back to sleep for the life of me. so i just watched tv till about 8 then got up to get ready. i went back over to stormi's to get my movies and see her before heading home. well she talked me into staying longer and we all loaded up in her car to go to ihop for lunch.
man oh man, i was craving some pancakes. we all got pretty big breakfasts and chowed down. i ate all of my pancakes, eggs, bacon, and french toast. all that was left on my plate was the sausages. i'm not a big sausage fan. we went back to stormi's to lay the baby down for a nap while we watched this movie.
i seriously could not keep my eyes open. after awhile we got bored so we went outside and enjoyed the sun a little bit. around 2 i decided it was time for me to head on home. i had a little kitty whose bowl needed filling. i got home around 3:30 and ended up completely passing out while watching this movie.
i woke back up around eight thirty, ate then went right back to sleep. wow talk about a pretty awesome weekend. and we didn't even really do anything tight. we just hung out. let me tell you, i was needing some bestie time. every time we hang out, i always have a good time. i'm so thankful for stormi and her family. her friendship means the world to me, and even though our paths are different our friendship will never change. i can't wait for it to start getting warmer so i can go down more often. oh and little miss ava is just a-growing! she's 7 months old and can sit up all on her own. she's scooting around a lot but hasn't quite caught on to the art of crawling..yet. i'm so proud of my bestie. she has grown to be such an amazing momma and i can't wait to watch this baby girl grow over the years. 
see how big she's getting. and y'all she's so chill and quiet. one laid back baby that's for sure.
anyways, like i said, this weekend was lovely! i swear spring time weekends are just so much more fun. i cannot believe it is the last week in march. i better chop chop on these march goals..i swear i am falling behind. next month, i have A LOT going on. i'm helping throw two baby showers for my sisters. both babies are due in may and we got lots to do in order to get prepared and ready for their arrivals. man, this year is already off to an absolutely wonderful start. 
cheers to a good last week of march!
now i'm off to read more conspiracy theories about the malaysian plane. 
 "as my new assistant all you need to know are the three "ups". show up, keep up and shut up. now, what's the third up? right. now, listen, i'm depending on you. we need to convince the good people that they have found their wizard."
[oz the great and powerful]

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