Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day + A Small House Update

my valentine's day ootd
sweater // dress // necklace // tights // boots }

have you told someone you love them today?

i know i haven't posted any this week, but i just haven't felt like sitting down a pushing out a post. sometimes i get a little stir crazy at work and i'll do anything to get outta my office for a bit..well i've been doing that lots this week. also, have you ever been just so busy, you're not even exactly sure what's been keeping you busy? that's also how i feel. that days have been flying by and i'm not exactly sure how..? but i like it.
yesterday after lunch, i left work early so i could go home and make 45 brownies and 85 cookies. i wanted to make treat bags for all my co-workers for valentine's day. so i did. it was such a peaceful day. i was so adsorbed in my baking that i really didn't even notice that 8 hours had zoomed by. 

i have two particular treats that i have made for everyone at the office before and they both were big hits. these cookies and brownies are different than normal cookies and brownies, which i think is the main reason why everyone loves them so much. 
i made my famous fruity pebbles cookies and oreo brownies.

i really am glad i decided to do this. everyone loved them so much, some people teared up, i got lots of big hugs, and even bigger smiles. so rewarding. i love my work family so much. i love getting to work with these people and sharing my everyday life with them. it's fun. 
i found fun little heart treat bags at party city. i used some leftover red toil i had to tie the bags shut. they seriously turned out to be the cutest. i loved passing out valentine's when i was in school and today was no different. 
did you make valentines for your valentines?

well i can mark this goal off of my february's monthly goals' list. if you notice in the picture of the treat bag, the background is pink...that would be my pretty pink bedroom walls. i got those painted the first monday of this month and Y'ALL i couldn't be more happier with the outcome. the pink turned out to be just goooooorgeous! and i am IN love with how great it looks with my grey walls. i can't wait to start getting my room all decorated. curtains hung, art on the walls, a rug on the floor...i just have so many fun plans for my master bedroom it has me beaming. 
i swear this picture in NO WAY justifies how beautiful the pink turned out to be. i'm seriously so in love and catch myself just staring at it in awe. at first, i was nervous i mighta picked a too pink of a pink...but as soon as i laid eyes on these walls i knew i made the perfect decision. 

yep i already got two february goals accomplished. and i'm making some head way on my other four. i'm hoping since it should be a pretty weekend, to get out in my garage and start getting it more organized. it's just been too cold to start on this goal, but tomorrow is supposed to be up to 62 and sunny. i need to go a grab a few things from our fixtures warehouse, so i'll definitely do that before i leave work today. my laundry room is coming along, too. i finally found some cabinet knobs that i really like.
after much consideration, i picked these ceramic pink knobs. they look so good with my turquoise walls + they match my pink walls to a tee which just makes me even more happy cause i wanted all of my rooms to flow together by using similar colors..and i am definitely accomplishing that. i have two more small projects i want to do in my laundry room and then that will be another completely finished room.
i got the fabric for my kitchen chairs:
i saw this fabric a long time ago at hobby lobby and have been trying to think of something i could make with it. some pillows..? curtains..? then i found my kitchen chairs and knew right then, that i was using this fabric to make some cushions for them. my aunt is making them for me from scratch so i just need to go get some foam and then i can give the materials to her and she can whip me up some cushions. 

well that's basically all i have for today. i've slowed down today so i'll just be working in my office cleaning up for next week, trying to finish gameday's vendor's catalogs, and picking out fixtures to help organize my garage. tonight, i'm going to see this movie:
with my friend cameron. nothing like a cheesy romantic movie with one of your besties to really set the mood for valentine's day. the music though, makes it sound a little creepy. a little mysterious. so i'm anxious to see what this film is all about. the last movie, cameron and i saw together was bad grandpa. apparently, we have a wide variety of movie taste. what are your valentine's day plans?
really hope this friday goes by fast. i'm ready to be off work for few days. ahh nothing's better than sleeping in on the weekends. am i right? hope y'all have a lovely v-day with your honeys, friends, and boos.
love y'all like a fat kid loves cake!
[this saying always reminds me of that fat kid who had to eat that entire chocolate cake in the movie matilda]
"he said, dear old sally had seen me at elmer's or somewhere and had admired me a la distance. so wouldn't it be a good deed if i went a visited him once a week? well, how could i say no? it was all so wildly romantic."
[breakfast at tiffany's]

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  1. My mouth is watering just LOOKING at those oreo brownies- definitely two of my favorite desserts! And the pink with gray looks awesome- tres chic! That sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day plan! I ate pizza Hut and fell asleep with the bf to Tosh.0 lol. We're going out to dinner tonight since yesterday would have been too crazy. Not looking forward to traveling in the snow, but hopefully the food will make up for it! Have a great weekend!