Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Da Weekend!

hello everyone. i tried to post yesterday, but as ya can see, that didn't happen. so i'm postin bout my weekend today. it was a pretty low key weekend. i shoulda gotten out and enjoyed the weather, but unfortunately my cramps and back pain prevented me from really doing much of anything. ohh mother nature you is ignant. 

as you know valentine's day was friday, i handed out treat bags at work. it was lots of fun and everyone loved the goodies. i was also given a few goodies of my own from my loved ones. [aka my family]
a candle, chocolate, candy, sunflower seeds, top notch painting done by my nephew, and a chick flick [i haven't seen] from my momma. 
well, i don't know how it was in your town but at five o clock, on valentine's day, on a friday..the traffic was straaaight ignant. seriously it was like christmas all over again. y'all wanna know wanna my biggest pet peeves? it's when people pull into the intersection, and block it..even tho their light was red. look fella, you ain't the only one who wants to go through the light. oh my gosh i was about to loooose it. i swear, i sat at one light and watched it turn green 8 times before i actually got to go through. it was reeedic!
that night i had plans to see a movie with my friend, cameron. our movie started at 7:45, but we decided to leave our houses at 7 since traffic was being stuupid. y'all, we both live like ten minutes [if that] from the movie theater, but i swear it took me thirty minutes to get there. seriously, i didn't know so many people would be wanting to get out for valentine's day. also, they have been doing construction on a road that leads to the back of the mall [where the theatre is] and it's been blocked off for more than two months now...which is SERIOUSLY INCONVENIENT!
here just take a look at these texts:
 i left my house at 7 on the dot.
so apparently we were not the only ones who wanted to see a movie on valentine's day. every body and their momma was at the movies.
i sat in the left hand turn lane for three green lights before it finally gave us an arrow to let us in. yea, it gave the other side an arrow, but just would not give us one. so people were only getting to turn left by running the yellow light. it gets up to my turn to run the yellow light...and it give me an arrow...guess praying for it really did work.
i have never seen the line at the movies so long before. luckily, by the time i made it inside, cameron had already snagged us some tickets. we finally found two vacant seats at the top of the theater and literally sat down at 7:40. just in the nick of time. naturally, i had to go to the bathroom before the movie started. i left our theater to go to the bathroom...and i slipped on something wet on my way out. realized when i came back into the movie, slipping again...that i had slipped in..wait for it...throw up! barf. i had to spend another five minutes wiping my shoes off on the bright colored carpet before heading back to my seat. we saw this movie:
it was pretty good. the dad in it was psycho though..which is why the music is so dramatic. cause the daddy is the ignant one. kinda like the daddy in this movie or this movie. i am so glad we went to the early movie, cause when we got out the late crowd was coming in and i swear you could. not. move. in the lobby. i really didn't realize so many people would be going to the movies for valentine's day. 

saturday, i just did not feel good. my cramps were bruuutal so i decided to just have a movie marathon and stay snug in my bed with my pjs on, and a sweet wittle kitty cat curled up next to me. when i watch movies, i start with just a random movie, then that movie reminds me of another movie, so i watch it, and then that one reminds me of another one..and so forth. 
i started with the amazing spider man, and the villain in the movie always reminds me of the villain in the incredible hulk. a scene in that movie reminded me of a scene in the tourist..after watching the tourist, i wanted to watch a romance comedy which lead me to say anything..which naturally reminded me of easy a since she talks about lloyd dobbler often in the film..and that my friends was my saturday. 
i did a bit of online shopping saturday night and picked out these things to be delivered sometime this week:
savoir-faire posted the lip print on the left on their instagram and i wanted it right then and there. i thought hmm i could make that, or find someone who can...then i was looking on insta and saw THIS! well i looked up the link, and that brought me to this girl's page...she makes AND sells gold lip prints. so i went to her etsy shop and bought myself my very own gold lip print. i am on the edge of my seat waiting to get this beauty in! i'm making a collage wall in my bedroom, and it will include these gooorgeous lips. 

on sunday, since i was so lazy on saturday, i got right outta bed and started organizing my garage. i had my maintenance man put up slat wall in my garage and i had got some shelves, shelf brackets, hooks, and a wire shelf from family's fixtures' business to get all my junk organized. i got SO much of it off of the floor. i love not having just junk and junk cluttered along the edge of my garage. now it's hung up, out of the way and organized. i left a big space so i can hang up my bike and my bike's rack...but i gotta find some special hooks for them.
i still need to organize the other side of my garage, too but i'm thinking i can gradually do that over the next two weeks. the rest of sunday included watching these two movies:
and just browsing the internet..i think i need this for my bathrooms:
how awesome is this?
so, did your weekend go by as fast as mine did? it's starting to warm up around these parts which turns me from being the ice queen to pretty little miss sunshine. this week is supposed to be fairly warm all week and i am living it up. is it feeling spring-like where you live? i know this was like an extremely long weekend update, but hey at least i'm posting, right? i'm looking forward to getting out and running a few errands in this sweet pretty sunshine.
"something's going on, and i don't like it. i don't know what it is, but it's bad, man. i got the same feeling i get right before i shoplift something."
[that 70s show]

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  1. Oooh love the lip print! Sassy!! I had a low key Valentine's day.. at home in sweats and Pizza Hut lol. And it does NOT feel like spring here- it was snowing this morning! UGHHHH so OVER it! Hope you're feeling better!