Tuesday, August 6, 2013


howdy folks! i cannot believe it is august..saaay whhhaaat?! this year is flying by!
so do you guys ever do something subconsciously? i won't lie to you..i do things subconsciously all. the. time. people think oh that's just a coincidence. and i'm like no, that's my subconscious mind keeping me in check, y'all. for example, last friday i had the urge to clean out my truck. to set the record straight, i never have the urge to clean anything...especially after a long day at work. but for some reason i came home from work, and needed to clean my jeep. 

so i did. i mean it's not spotless, but there ain't no trash anymore, coins aren't strewn all over the place, and there's not a thousand sprite cans being slung around when i take a sharp turn. ahhhh ya girl can breathe. well, to get to the subconscious part, you must know that i have been driving around with really, really bad tires. honestly i didn't know...i don't know nothing about that stuff. i just get an oil change when it tells me to and that's it. well that morning i mentioned to my maintenance man that i needed air in my tires and he said no. i needed new tires, period, and that we needed to get some this week. 

so naturally i called my mum. she said i didn't need to wait around anymore that we needed to get some that day. i then got a call from my dad [he's in vegas right now] he had already called brigitte [our office manager] and she took me to get new tires.
anyways, long story short...i went back that afternoon to pick up my jeep and they had ransacked my vehicle looking for some key that gets my lug nuts off..if i hadn't clean my truck on friday there would have been trash and crap everywhere..but instead it was just my stuff everywhere. no biggie. i'm sure it might just be a coincidence but i really think it was my subconscious mind trying to save me from a little heartache. what do you think?

ok ok i'm done being weird. hey, at least i got new tires right? 
now here's some photos of my little brother's wedding. he got hitched and is on his honeymoon right meow. the wedding was beautiful. and i think everyone really enjoyed getting to celebrate with him and liz. [his wife] and it was the perfect little outdoor wedding, too. i was so happy it didn't rain, and i wasn't too hot. i can't wait to see all of the wedding photos. 
myself and some of the other bridesmaids//houseparty
getting liz ready for the big day//isn't she gorgeous.
just a few details//the boutonnieres and bouquets were my favorite
you already know i was blowing up instagram on saturday
our attempt at a sibling sister photo//me and my sissy with liz and her sissy..close enough right?
liz and john allen with my parents and grandparents.
their first dance as husband and wife//and ironically my 1000th post on instagram
last one: myself and taylor//the boutonnieres again//the handsome fella i was paired with//and myself and faithy on the hayride to the wedding field. 
needless to say, this weekend was a fun one. and i am so happy for j.a. and liz. i love my little family and don't know where i would be without them. 
well..what did you do this weekend?
"look, the first rule of this proposition is that gentleman callers have got to wear a necktie. i don't want to be snobbish, but if we begin with characters like that, we might as well throw in the towel right now."
[how to marry a millionaire]


  1. i know i already commented on several of your IG pictures, but these wedding pictures are seriously gorgeous. you look awesome in that dress and i LOVE the bouquets!!

  2. Great photos, such a beautiful wedding!

    And yeah... I usually get myself in trouble with my subconscious pursuits...