Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wedding Showers, Roller Coaster Feelings, and What I Wore

so some of you may know that my little brother is getting married in august. [august 3rd to be exact] well this past weekend friends and family threw them two big showers. and of course i was in attendance. [duh i'm a bridesmaid/sister] 
[sneak peek of my dress]
on saturday night my parents' bff's [who we've known since we were babes] threw my little bro and liz [his fiance] a big mexican fiesta couples shower at their house. there was fajitas, lots of dips, and most importantly margaritas. needless to say it was a lot o fun! and little bro and liz got so much neat stuff.
fiesta night with my sissy and brother // me and my sissy with liz at her park hill shower
on sunday afternoon, we had the church shower. we've gone to park hill [my church] since we were babes as well and so of course all the little church women wanted to throw my brother a shower, too. which is good for liz cause church showers always bring in the dishes, sheets and bath towels. 
[glass mixing bowls, and two glass measuring cups]
me and my pretty momma // us girls again
i will say when i found out my little brother was getting married i felt a little weird about it. liz is great and i am so happy she is going to be a part of our little family but i couldn't help but have just a tad bit of jealousy. i don't know, it just got to me. they got a house and stuff to put in it at the drop of a hat. not to mention i felt a little lonely. [hello 7th wheel] but after this past weekend and even during i was just overcome with joy. nothing but pure joy. i wasn't jealous i was just extremely happy. and filled with a joy that i thought i lost this year. 
it's been a hard year for me. i don't like to open up about my personal feelings here on my blog, because family & friends read it. sometimes you just need a place to write and not be questioned about it later.
this year has gotten to me. like i feel trapped. it just seems like i'll be going right along fine and then a darkness just creeps over me but lately i've been spending time with my little family and it's great. it's fun and i don't feel trapped. and turns out my mom was right all along. we would be friends when we got older. and i'm so thankful for that. 

he was right. 

now. let's move on to more important things like what i wore to said showers. new outfits, that's what.
saturday night // sunday afternoon

romper is from:
and i had a 10% off coupon + it was free shipping! want one? click here
next i got this dress from kiki la'rue and i had a 30% off coupon. you can get it {here}
also i got in the red rope necklaceskull necklace and sunglasses i had told ya'll i ordered a few weeks ago. and you already know i've been sportin them around.
rope necklace // zig zag maxi // floral overlay and skull necklace from savoir-faire
well it's pretty clear i'm addicted to online shopping. are you?
okay that's it for this week. have a great weekend. i'm going to be resting since i got a summer cold. lame.
"wait a second. you two look guilty. have you been eating my candy?"
[that 70s show]


  1. OMG. That bow back romper is ADORABLE. Wish I could pull it off!

  2. I totally get it. My little brother and little sister got married before me and it just kind of kills you that you're still alone-not even any potentials. Killer. But you're allowed to feel that, just not necessarily show it to them-which I'm sure you did well at!

    You look adorable!