Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Things

just stopping in for a little second today to tell you's three things. 
i have a meeting in about twenty minutes with logo chairs. i was in meetings all day yesterday, and since i won't be here on friday, i got lots to do before my vacay get started. 

so lets get to it.

i ordered this sweater last week, and it finally came in yesterday. 
it's super soft. and come on, those heart elbow patches are pretty stinkin cute. 
thanks riff raff for hooking me up with another funky item from yalls sto. it's my new favorite.

this little boy right here is one of my favorites. [don't tell piper] and guys, he is just growing and growing. i'm amazed at how fast he is learning new things, and the fact that he is 14 months with 14 teethies is just insane. he can walk now, he's talking and learning to say new things everyday. oh and his little personality..oh goodness i can't get enough of that. so thankful for this little bundle of laughs and giggles. 

my little brother proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend. 
they set their date for august 9th of this year. sounds like they're gonna have a fun summer planning a wedding. we haven't gotten the whole scoop on the proposal just yet, but they both come home for spring break this week so i'm sure we'll hear alllll about it.

okay, my meeting is i gotta go talk this guy into some special pricing. 
happy hump day!! i got one more day till my mini vacay! i will be back tomorrow to share a recipe, so you hadn't gotten rid of me, juuust yet.
happy hump day, yall!
"it's like, when i'm right, i'm right. when i'm wrong, i could have been right so i'm still right...cause i could've been wrong, ya know. and i'm sorry, cause i could be wrong right now. but i'm right."
[get rich or die trying]


  1. That sweater is super cute, which color did you get? Love!

  2. Eeeee! So excited for your bro- can't wait to hear the story! I'm a sucker for engagement stories! And those elbow patches are too cute- love it! One more day til vacay/bday- hooray!

  3. Awww so cute and exciting!

    Hope you have a great day!



  4. LOVE the sweater! And congrats to your little brother! So sweet :)