Thursday, March 14, 2013

S'mores, S'mores, I Want Some More

oh my goodness, oh my goodness.. not only am i one day away from my mini vacay, i am also super busy today. it's cray. i have gots to get everything in order before i disappear to the bahamas [i wish] for a few days. 
like i said on monday and yesterday i have a freakin-tastic recipe to share with ya'll today.
i was browsing the hastag #pinterestinspired on instagram this last saturday and someone had posted this beaut. of a dessert that they had made:
i had to make this. i just had to.
i did a little research on it through pinterest but just didn't find an easy recipe with step by step instructions. luckily google hooked me up with this recipe. betty crockers' are technically called smores bars but just go with me here. i wanted to make the casserole but hey maybe one day, i'll make my own.

so since i couldn't find a good blog or site that had step by step instructions with pictures..i decided to make my own. so let's get started, shall we?
here's all your ingredients:
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 cup melted butter
1 packaged of sugar cookie mix
3 cups chocolate chips
4 and a half cups marshmallows. 
first you are going to make the crust.
step 1: you'll need 1 cup crushed graham crackers. a plastic bag and ladle did the trick for me.
step 2: mix your graham cracker crumbs in with your package of sugar cookie mix.
step 3: add 1 cup of melted butter. 
step 4: stir your mixture to create the dough.
 step 5: press your dough into your pan.
step 6: bake for 18 minutes.
step 7: you'll need 3 cups of chocolate chips
step 8: immediately after you take your crust out of the oven, pour on your chocolate chips
step 9: let chocolate chips melt for about five minutes or so..then just spread evenly along the crust.
step 10: next you'll need 4 1/2 cups of marshmallows.
step 11: sprinkle marshmallows over melted chocolate and put that puppy back in the oven.
step 12: set oven control for "broil" [it was my first time using my broiler] and watch marshmallows turn brown. let them brown to your own desire. the recipe says 30 seconds but i left mine in a little longer.
step 13: take outta oven and enjoy!

so easy, right? i have already decided to make this for my next bunko night. the crust is amazeballs. although, i will say it's one of those desserts that's best served warm and isn't that great the next day. but it's easy and i mean who don't like smores?

anyways, this day has already gone by pretty fast. making me one happy person right now. 
when i got to work this morning, i come in and do my usual thing. i drop off the mail, turn in deposits, and chat with my girls [kasey and amanda] in the front office. i'm talking to both kasey and amanda about my mini vacay and just turning twenty five in general. we all talk for a minute and then i head back to my office, only to be SUPER SURPRISED with this:
kasey and amanda had hooked me up. i was so touched. they knew they wouldn't see me on monday so they wanted to celebrate with me today. have i told you guys how much i love my job? well, this being mainly why. i am so lucky and blessed to work with a great group of people. ahh and this is my officially kick off to my birthday vacay. i have a meeting soon and i'm hoping to get outta it quick so we can cut that cake.

okay guys, i'll chat at ya'll later. i got this meeting, a few more emails to send out, and then i'm outta here for five days. i am so ready. ya'll have a beautiful weekend and a great first part of the week.
"cats? oh, i don't know, several. well, it depends on what you mean by "got." some of em are half wild, some of em are just outlaws."
[no country for old men]


  1. O...M...G... this looks amazing!!!! Definitely a must try! :)

  2. That looks super tasty! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your mini vacay!