Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Birthstone

march is my birth month. and this year i will be turning twenty five years old. i'm sorry, but i just think that's crazy. this is the start of a new chapter for me. i'm closer to thirty than i am to twenty. thinking back to when i was nineteen...i'm not anywhere, where i thought i would be. thank god and i love it. honestly, i thought i would be married, maybe with some kids but God has something else in store for me. and let me tell yall, i'm excited about it. 
i really am looking forward to this new chapter. i know i have some great things in store.

buuuut that's not why i wanted to post today. i wanted to tell you's guys about my newest fav online shop: poshlocket. YALL. they have some of the most prettiest jewels my little eyes have seeeent. they are constantly postin things i NEED on their instagram and the other day they posted these:
ceci aqua stone earrings found {here}
aren't these gorgeous? annnd that's my birthstone. i had decided right then and there that i was purchasing myself a pair for a little birthday present. i mean i gotta give myself something for my own birthday. duh.
so i bought them. and bout five days later they were in my ears.
i love them. seriously, my new staple earrings, right here.
you should definitely go check out poshlocket right now..if you haven't already. 
here's a few items that i have on my wishlist:
brenda glitz leather bracelet [at the top of my wishlist]
lori color anchor earrings [their earring selection is outta this world]
go ahead. click some of those links, so you can buy me an early birthday prezzie. [i know you want to]
yep. definitely wouldn't mind having all six of these beauties chillin on my jewelry counter. 
what would you buy from poshlocket? 
[nope i wasn't paid to write this post...i'm just a fan]

well we gots bout twelve days till i turn the big two-five. 
now i gotta decide if i wanna use some of my vacation days...cause who wants to be at work on their birthday...mines falls on a monday this year. so those vacation days are sounding pretty tempting. 
peace out, playas.
"the beating heart of rome is not the marble of the senate. it's the sand of the colosseum. he'll bring them death, and they will love him for it."


  1. Oooh thanks for the new addiction! I need that arrow necklace.

  2. Haha I always buy my self a bday prsent, and take off for my bday! This year mine fell on a Wednesday, so I got a nice 5 day weekend! Those earrings are gorgeous! Great pic!

  3. Yay for your birthday month! Love those studs. Oh and that arrow necklace. SO cute!

  4. Happy birthday month! Love the earrings! xx

  5. um, March is the BEST month! I'm so glad to be back... Looks like I have some caring up to do! Happy birthday, mines coming up to. What up!

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