Friday, March 8, 2013

An Inst-Update From My Laptop

yes it is. i cannot say enough how HAPPY i am that today IZ friday. this has been such a long week for some reason. i guess its cause i haven't been too busy. all most of my tenants have paid their rent this month, and with it being the slow months at the stores..i'm just not all that busy.

but if you read the title of this post, you will know that i am writing this post on my new laptop. i haven't really been using it, so since my work computer is quite possibly the sloooowest computer in the wooorld! i decided to do some blogging with my laptop. i mean, honestly, that's why i bought it in the first place. now, i just gotta convince my stone age self myself that i need to get internet at the crib. 

okay you little glitter bugs, lets get down to why i wanted to post today.
instagram is like my shiz. seriously, i love this little app. it allows me to be creative with my photos. and it gives YOU a behind the scenes look into my little world. as well as give me a peek inside of yours.
are you on instagram?

oh my lanta, guys. my office is FREEEEEEZING. seriously, i DO NOT understand why we have the a/c on full blast when it's only fifty degrees outside...with no sun. i am regretting wearing toms and this thin long sleeve shirt. come on, five o clock!! [aka 4:30 for me]

like i said instagram allows me to be creative; whether that be with my outfit posts or just chatting about work. i just love to be creative whenever i can. i wish creative was my middle name
just some fav outfits.
.chilling in a vacant rent house.
.fat tuesday at last month's bunko.
.blueberry muffins: a staple in my diet.
.el camino spotting.
.prezzie for my sis' birthday.
.packages filled with pretty goodies. 
.new heart bracelet found {here}.
.my uncle brought me lunch.
instagram wouldn't be complete if i didn't post work photos, too. 
top left: "signing day in the rock" an event they have every year to introduce the new players. and yours truly gets the honor of selling merchandise. this one was my third year. botton left: that would be arkansas' new football coach. [i got some paparazzi skills] top right: new little girl dresses we got in for the stores. and the bottom right: gift basket season has OFFICIALLY started.
here's a few gift baskets the stores donated last year: 
[i'm pretty lucky i get to be this creative for my job]
needless to say this little side job seems to keep me busy. [i have lots to do next week]
okay so that's my instagram dump. it feels good to get all these up on my blog. it really is so much fun going back and reading my older posts. 
so, do you have big weekend plans?
i don't really have anything special. i'm sure i'll be working hard on my "watch all the best pictures" goal and i really wanna go get a pedicure. i'm a month past due for one. 

before i go though, whitney has started a new linkup called:
i think it's safe to say, i love me some good rap music jams. alls i listen to is music that makes me wanna get up and drop it tha flo swing my hips from side to side get my groove thing going. i make mixtapes for folks and you besta believe my bootay is the first one out on the dance floor when they got some tyga playing. 
so linking up my jam for the day for whitney's "backthatazzup" fridays. although this song has been my jam for the past week..and no i'm not talking bout thrift shop[that was last week's]
introducing my newest jam:
seriously..drake..this song goes hard. 
thank god it's friday!
"yeah, mind bottling. you know, when things are so crazy, it gets your thoughts all trapped, like in a bottle."
[blades of glory]


  1. Girl, I am loving that song so hard right now!! Perfect weekend jam. ;)

  2. loooove that song/ and you have too many cute lil outfits. love it!

  3. I love instagram too! You are sooo cute, and congrats on the new laptop!