Monday, February 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things [at the moment]

well i'm back from fabulous weekend of shoppin and snoozin. 
yep.. thaaaaat basically sums up my weekend. 
what did you do?

today, since i had time to actually post, i thought i would show ya'll some of my favorite things.
i have done some MAJOR shopping as of late. the trends this season are calling my name. i've seen so many pretty things. my wallet doesn't even care, since i've been getting my hands on some cute things and awesome deals. hello! i'm talking six dolla tops, people. 

lately, i have been on a new jewelry and accessories kick.
i have been seeing some cuuute things as of late...soooooo of course ya homegirl had to purchase them and show them off here on the blog. 
you see something you neeeeeed?
i'm gonna tell you's where you can get every single one of these little gems. 
[don't you just love these kind of blog posts?]
stormi got me the turquoise wrap watch for christmas. i saw several of them at kohl's this weekend.

yep. i went to kohl's this weekend. i found several things. and most of them i got on sale. 
i also got in on this AMAZING sale at kiki la'rue [use code: CLEAROUT for an extra 40% off]
  purple outlaw top //  snakeskin skinnys // $6 orange top from the kohl's clearance rack // red piko top found here here or here // color block sheer top // tye dye dress from riffraff

needless to say..i LOVE to shop. especially if i'm getting a good deal on it. 
now i by all means didn't buy alllllllllll this is one weekend..naw i ain't that crazy.
so, what did you do this weekend?

this week i shouldn't be too busy. i'm mainly playing "catch up" since i was overwhelmingly busy last week. i have another "flipped house" post coming at yall. [hopefully soon] this little place turned out pretty cute and i got it rented the day it was completed. [that's gotta be a record] 
oh and hopefully i'll get a chance to show off a little bit of the conway store...i know i know my job is just. sooo. interesting. [pssh]
alrighty, is it time to go home yet? happy monday, party people. 
how ya likin the new signature? yep i'm totes diggin it.

"we don't have to like it. i mean we're news people. we're objective. stone phillips interviews terrorists. doesn't mean he likes them, he just does it for the ratings."
[the ugly truth]

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  1. Look at all of that, so much fun! :) I should have treated myself to retail therapy, though I have to buy new jeans (ew the worst) after my fancy haircut Wed, so maybe I"ll save my pennies.