Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yep, Still Chattin Bout Christmas

oh my goodness. i have finally found the time to post. i've been one busy little bee the past two weeks. today, my world has finally slowed down for a little bit. that is until the middle of next week when i'm getting ready to go to the dallas market. [to buy stuff for the stores] last year i went with my parents. this year i get to go with another co-worker. [she helps me tremendously with the stores] i'm actually kinda looking forward to a business trip where i don't have to share a hotel room with my dad. [no offense, dad] 

anyways, i still have not shared about my christmas. 
first of all, let me just say, my family and friends outdid themselves. i got everything i asked for..which must of meant i was a pretty good girl. 
also, this christmas was very special for my little family. this year was elliott's [my nephew] first christmas.
and although it did end up snowing on christmas which caused my electricity to go out and i didn't get to go to my other grandparents because i was snowed was still another wonderful christmas to add to the books. 

here's just a couple of pics that i took..
we went to my grandmommy's on the twenty third..we played christmas bingo and everyone got to go home with a crisp fifty dollar bill. and i spend my fifty dollas on this beauty..
and the new makeup case that matches it. [i have a tiny obsession with duffel bags]

christmas eve, i wrapped the rest of my presents, enjoyed my day off, and went to my momma's that night for supper. 
my mom let us all open one gift on christmas eve night.
the gift she gave me to open...
purple piko and cross necklace are from this site.
i was sooooooooooo happy i got the uggs! they are so comfy and i have been wearing them lots. 
[one of my fav prezzies]

christmas morning i drove over to my parents to have breakfast and open more presents.
we all wore our jammies, stuffed our faces with breakfast casserole, and spent a good hour and half opening gifts. i'm telling ya'll i am so very blessed. the fact that i get to spend christmas with a wonderful group of people and get loads of amaaaazing gifts really is one of the best ever. i'm living the dream.

my most favorite gift from my watch..finally.

my dad hooked me up with a cupcake and cakepop a book with all kinds of tips.

like i said, it was this little un's first christmas. he racked up! got so many toys and lots of clothes that will come in handy this next year. last year, hims was in my sissy's tummy and this year he was here. i'm telling ya'll time really does fly by nowadays. 
toys from uncle john allen and aunt sica.
i tooold ya'll i got lots of great stuff!!
in love with all my goodies. why is shopping so much fun?

 whoooo this girl is set for a little while. [i'm obsessed with my new boots]
what did you get for christmas?

i hope to be back tomorrow to just do a life update and post my monthly goals.
till then..catch ya next time. holla!
"anyway, i am throwing him a surprise party, but don't tell him. ever since pearl harbor, he has hated surprises."
[that 70s show]


  1. You scored big time! I am LOVING that purse and really LOVING those boots! Soooo cute!

  2. Ohhh love all the goodies! How exciting! I love the uggs too! That cross necklace looks awesome and now I really want one lol