Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad Moods, Birthdays, and Movies

oh my lanta, yall. this morning has been an uncontrollable roller coaster of emotions and bad moods. i am trying so very hard to remain positive and upbeat..even if i am angry at a bitchy tenant. whew deep breaths. deep breaths. [i might need to consider anger management courses] i did wake up in a good mood this morning. its feels great outside, which makes it hard to sit here in my windowless office. but regardless i am ready for the weekend, way ready to get off work, and not going to let my morning ruin my afternoon. 

today, i just wanted to give a little life update. with christmas gone and the new year started, i can finally slow down for a bit and get back to the norm.
last saturday my little nephew, elliott, turned one year old. and his momma threw him the cutest dinosaur party. i wish i woulda taken more pics of the decorations and the food because seriously, my sissy did such an amazing job! that kid is very lucky. read about the whole birthday party HERE.
here's some pictures i did take. ya'll, little bit loved him some cake. he got so many presents, too. the one from me is the TMNT gift bag that had a new outfit and "superhero little people." oh and those cookies..were quite possibly the best cookies i have ever tasted. 
wow. that first year went by too fast.
yesterday i showed off these boots that i got. yes, i am in love with a boot. don't hate.

[random instagrams]
bunko night at my house.
cleaned a disgusting moldy rent house. [& it's still not ready to rent]
enjoying my kindle.
friday morning starbucks.
vintage christmas goose from my grandmommy.
new kiki la'rue jewelry.

also today, i wanted to share my monthly goals for this month. one of my new year's resolutions was to make monthly goals and follow through with them. 
1. save five hundred dollars.
2. deep clean my laundry room.
3. take clothes to the dorcus house [a woman's shelter]
4. watch fifteen movies from the "best picture" list. 
5. don't buy anymore clothes for the rest of the month. 
i'm going to make five or more goals every month. a lot of them will be from my 2013 resolution list and some will just be simple or fun. i just wanna accomplish things this year, ya know. 

speaking of movies...i'm a little lot behind on them. i like going back through my blog and seeing all the different movies i've watched. because if you know me at all, then you know i watch a ton of movies. daily. weekly. monthly. all the time. 
hey, this weekend you may be wanting to have a moviethon..i mean i have those daily..and here's a little guide of some movies you should check out or just stay away from.
i loved all five of these, and even watched them over and over. 
"savages, safe, and premium rush" are super exciting. don't knock the movie "butter" until you watch it. and as for "the watch" i literally could not stop laughing when bob [vince vaughn's character] discovers the nesting dolls. literally the funniest part of the movie.  
i like all of these, too. all perfect for a friday night. 
i was hoping "ted" was a lot funnier. i can't wait to see the second "star trek" film. "expendables 2" was better than the first one, in my opinion. and i loved "total recall."
you seen any good movies lately?
these were all "eh okay" in my book. i wasn't blown away by all means. i was expecting a little bit more from 'the amazing spider-man and "lawless." i fell asleep in "lincoln." and "looper" started off good then just gradually got confusing. but i will say, these were all worth watching, cause hey you might like them better than me.
and the ugly. 
"daredevil" sucked so bad i didn't even make it all the way through. "the perks of being a wallflower" was just slow and weird. and i'm kinda mad i paid $9.25 to see it. "how to train your dragon" "paranorman" and "mirror mirror" just didn't hold my attention.
WHEW! i told ya'll i seen a lot of movies, lately. 
hopefully that will make the "watch all the movies that have won best picture" goal a lot easier than most. 

well, seeing as it has taken me all day to write this post..i think i better just stop right here. 
do you have big plans for the weekend? maybe a moviethon?
i literally am itching to get out of my office and out into that sunshine.
tgif. happy weekend, people.
"oh. okay. um, i used to play a game with my dad called catch. except i would throw the ball and it'd just hit the wall cause he wasn't there."
[men in black 3]

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  1. Oh man I LOVE paranorman and how to train your dragon. So cute.

    I haven't seen a lot of your suggestions though, have to go check them out! Happy Monday! (Wait... can Monday be happy???)