Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Shopping and Christmas Decorating

ello friends. i'm back from a pretty long and amazing thanksgiving break. this week i have so much to do. work is insane right now...i'm not exactly sure why but i've just been busy, busy, busy. 
i've started christmas shopping. i already have gotten three presents for three different people. and now that i know who my 12 days of christmas swap partner is i have to get shopping for her asap. have you started christmas shopping?

speaking of shopping..how am i doing on my shopping freeze? pretty good.. uunntilllll cyber monday happened. i mean, yall, i had to participate. i couldn't miss out on the biggest online shopping day of the year! yea black friday i can miss out on but online shopping is a totes different story. 
i will say i only bought one thing from one site so that's gotta be some progress.
savoir-faire was giving 20% off their entire site...and i had seen them post the most beautiful plaid shirt i'd ever seen on instagram a few days ago. IT HAS STUDS..my favorite. i was gonna ask for this top for christmas but since i could get it for 20% off i went ahead and snagged that sucka. 
i literally cannot wait to get this little guy into my closet. if there's room
as far as buying this little guy..i've only spent my money on bills, drinks and movies. [oh and those three gifts i've gotten already] so honestly i'm quite proud of myself..it's been a week and i've only bought one new top..i promise that is some progress from this little chica.

anyways, i wanted to tell you's all about my thanksgiving. i had written a post for that day so i could link up with this chick but honestly it totally slipped my mind.
thanksgiving was basically the same ole same ole. 
work potluck on tuesday.
aunt jen's on wednesday.
grandmommy's on thursday.
and christmas decorating the rest of the week.
oh and i only took one picture during the whole thanksgiving shebang and it wasn't even of a plate of food.
and this is what we did after eating. well my old man did, anyway.
what did you do for turkey day?

like i said i did me some christmas decorating.....for four days straight.
i had pulled out all my own christmas decor on thursday...and then put my tree up and did the majority of my own decorating on friday.
and here's my christmas tree...
then on saturday and sunday i went with one of my momma's friends to help her decorate some other folk's houses. three different people to be exact. we had two we did on saturday and one more on sunday. let me just say, it wore me out but it was so much fun. plus i got paid! here's some pics of some of the things we did...
it all turned out so neat. and katie gave me so many different tips and ideas that i am just overwhelmed with inspiration. i am so glad i got to go and get some more experience. 
would you let me come decorate your crib?
anyways, i gotta run. i have a pretty nasty rent house that needs my attention. i'm telling yall this one is sick. i had to stock up on deep cleaning supplies last night so wish me luck!
happy tuesday!
"hey, come on it's supposed to be exciting. this is your wedding. you only get a few of these."
[the five year engagement]


  1. Those look so great and good job only buying one thing!

    Ineed to get shopping for you pronto!

  2. Hey Jessica. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words about my little Maddox. He had a blood transfusion today and we should know if its helped a little tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Thanks again, girl. It means the world to me. xo


  3. Dayum! Come decorate my house for Christmas!