Friday, October 12, 2012

Does This Post Make Me Sound Desperate?

yello. spirits were brought waaay down yesterday.
i told you all that i'm wanting to sell my house. and i do. desperately. and i get that it will be a long process. i get that. but the more i live in my house, the more of an inconvenience it becomes. which is why i want to move so desperately. i need something that's for me. something that's gonna make me happy when i come home. something more cozy and spacious. 
a true place to call home, not just store my stuff.

my spirits were brought down, because i thought in november [which is when i bought my house, initially] it would be three years that i've been living in this house. which means i can sell it and keep all my stimulus money i got from the government for buying the house. 
well guys here's the kicker...
i didn't initially close on my house until august 2010.
yes that means i have technically only been living in my house for two years. [dum dum duuummm]
now my mortgage dude said he was able to sell his house and keep his stimulus money. so, it might work out. but still it just makes me nervous. i don't want to wait till august of next year! i need want to move as soon as possible. 
so let's just pray everything works out cause if not i'm going to be one sad camper. 
[plus piper told me she's tired of this house and wants a screened in porch..desperately]

well i thought i was going to the fair tonight...
but were not.
yeah i'm a little upset. not cause this is the only night i wanted to go. it's just..ya know's not even worth talking about.
so i guess instead i'll just drop everything that i'm doing on saturday to "tag along." i'm so lucky. hey at least i'll see some cows and get a fried twinkie..that's all that matters, anyways.

alright enough boo wooing and being a pissy pants.
what i've got to post today is a little random. 
so bare with me..don't worry there's pretty pictures.

1. this sweater literally made me drool.
kiki la'rue posted this on their instagram last week and i ended up having to buy it the next day. 
you can find this beauty right chere
i got this little booger in yesterday and i'm in love.
it's one size fits all so i was a little nervous how it would fit. it's oversized but it doesn't swallow me. i cannot wait to where this lovely all winter long.
2. i have been spending way too much effing money.
i told myself last monday that i was giving myself a shopping freeze cause i've been spending money like i've only got three days left to live. it's reeedic. 
well last week's shopping freeze didn't go so hot. i spent fifty bucks on the above item.
another thirty dollars on bandeau tops at victoria's secret
plus seventy dollars on groceries. [i never spend that much]
ohh and i've been eating out way too much. 
this also included four different hobby lobby shopping trips. [which i'll show off in a minute]
who knows how many venti pumpkin spice lattes i've consumed this month.
and this was all while trying to pay my regular bills. 
what's wrong with me? i swear my savings account is pissed.
so this monday i did the same thing. and i did good. on monday and tuesday that is..
wednesday..i spent money..again. oh and of course on two things i did not need.
i mean i had to get e.t. on it was on sale!
and then for some reason i thought it was smart to look at all the fun christmas stuff they have on sale at hobby yall know i ended up buying something..or two things..
but i love em so much..i could care less that i broke the freeze...again.

3. speaking of hobby lobby...
i'm awful at going into this damn store without coming out with something in hand. 
it's a lot like target...except i feel as if i am actually getting a deal at hobby lobby..hello fifty percent off signs all the time. i pretty much know if i see something i love to just wait cause the next week it will be on sale every single time.
so what all goodies have i gotten this month..besides the above item..
they were both nineteen bucks but with 50% off..i got em for the price of one. what what!
finally officially decorated for fall on wednesday night. i added bright orange pumpkins and colored leaves to this arrangement..[pictures coming soon.]
also got these fun little ones. [$5 bowl and $7 pumpkin.]
i saw this little chicken the first day they put them out. so glad i waited cause a couple of weeks later they had one of those pretty little fifty percent off signs in front of it. 
here's a couple of things i didn't buy: [but probably should have]
[so in love with that lime green christmas tree]
[i would totes keep these out all year round]
these are fifty percent off this week. i want to desperately have these for my new house but i'm trying my hardest to resist buying any "new house stuff" till i actually have a "new house"..we'll see how long that last. probably bout as long as this week's shopping freeze lasted.

4. somehow i've gotten back into the pinning game.
pinterest and i have started a relationship again. for awhile i just didn't have time for it and the app on my phone was slower than a grandma driving on the freeway. 
but the app has improved and i am back on the pinning bandwagon. don't you just love bandwagons?
lately quotes have been my go to thing to cheer me up. and my friends and i are always sending each other ecards in our group text.
here's some favs:

pinned any good quotes lately?

ok i realize this is starting to get long. i had some other points to make but i'll stop short if i can.

5. i have a woman crush..
on this woman.
isn't she the cutest? she's running for alderwoman. i haven't personally met her but i've seen her shaking her sign all over north little rock. and i swear when you see this cutie you won't be able to do nothing but smile. like a huge cheesy smile. all i can say is i probably won't vote for president...and probably not even mayor..but i am definitely voting for ms. jane ginn come election time.
[no i was not paid to write the above paragraph. this is just me pushing my political views your way]
6. and i'll leave you with two of my favorites.
piper and elliott..they have yet to meet but it will happen one day. 
piper's never seen a baby before.

sawry if that was too long for you's.
one more thing before i end this thang...vanilla wafers + a good cup of coffee=heaven! [literally they drink and eat this combo in heaven.]
happy friday!
what are your plans for the weekend?
"you look exceptionally well today. what you been using? cocoa butter and jesus?"
[lottery ticket]


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your home woes. I'm having work woes. I guess since neither can be fixed right away we'll have to both adjust our perspective and deal right? Eventually we'll get what we want!

    I luff your face, and that sweater is gorgeous!

  2. ah, poop about the house! hopefully you can sell it soon and still keep the stimulus money. and now I desperately want to go to Hobby Lobby!!

  3. well, i'm sorry about your house, but i'm EXTREMELY excited about your pumpkins. long time no virtual-see my friend :)

  4. We had the SAME thing happen!!! We bought our house thinking we'd live there three years, easy. Before we'd even lived there a year we were done. We really didn't want to have to pay back the $8000, but we were absolutely miserable there. It was a nice house, just not good for us. We ended up keeping that house and renting it out, and buying a new house. Even though we didn't sell that house, because it's not our primary residence, we may still be on the hook for repaying the stimulus money. We have no way of knowing because NOBODY we asked - tax professionals, realtors, mortgage brokers - NOBODY knew. We'd seen some articles that said it was actually less than three years that you had to live there, but we won't know until we do our taxes this year. I'll be majorly bummed if we have to pay it back, but honestly, our new home is so much better suited for us that it was worth moving early. I wish you luck, and hopefully you can get out soon without paying back that money! Fingers crossed for us both!

  5. I am loving those damask pumpkins from Hobby Lobby! I could do so much damage in that store!! Have a little patience on the house situation and everything will work out in the end how it's supposed to ;) it always does.