Monday, September 24, 2012

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hey yo ya'll! today is monday. my computer is being totes slow. and my tummy is hurting. [that's nothing new] but i did wanna go ahead and write a post for ya'll today. a weekend racap, of course. monday would not be complete without a weekend recap. i know i do one every monday. so so sawry if i am totes boring you. but this is my blog and i do what i want! 

i spotted this guy on the way to work
i got off work that afternoon and went home to get changed. i had plans with my homegirls.
we planned to get din and go out on the town.
so i met amber and cameron later that evening at the union for some din din.
i had this..
it was good as usual. [this was my third time having the donut burger] buuttt i regret it. messed my stomach up! i mean i'm talking tow up from the flow up!!
so we went back to amber's to try and digest the disgustingly delicious food we gobbled up.
and to have a bathroom photo shoot..
these were the lovelies that made it to instagram.

and these were a few that did not..
[these are my favorites]

needless to say when it was time to head out on the tummy was not. 
i felt so sick, ya'll. disgusting really. 
and the thing felt the same way. so her and i opted out while amber headed out with the guys. 
ehhh i know i know i am so lame.

i slept in. late, too. and it was glorious!

i had to go to my moms that morning and pick up this..
i was dogsitting her for the weekend. my parents went to faye for the razorback game. [which we lost..again] 
stormy fit in real good at my house cause all i did for the rest of the day was sleep sleep oh and sleep. my tummy was still tow up from the previous night and all i wanted to do was sleep it off.
cameron came over that night and we just chilled, gossiped, and watched bad teacher [my favorite]

i did week 2 of wake n bake sundays. 
check out week 1 {HERE}
what did i do this week?
brownies with reese's peanut butter chips.
super simple. just follow the instructions on the box...but add reese's peanut butter chips to your mix.
put em in your pan and bake bake away!
let em cool and then cut em. use a plastic fork in order to cut em up without making a mess.
you wanna know my fav part? licking the bowl. seriously the bomb diggity.
i brought them to work for my co-workers. the plate has nothing but crumbs on it right now so ya'll already know they was a hit!
what should i make next sunday?

after #wakenbakesundays i worked on laundry and took yet another nap. my tummy was still having issues so you best to believe i took it easy.
sunday was a little chilly so naturally i pulled out my fav beanie to wear when i went to get some starbucks.
i also painted my nails with some more of the free essie fingernail polish i got here at work. 
i used playa del platinum and for the accent nail thats essie's licorice. 

and baaasically that was my weekend.
and fyi my stomach does feel a little better. i think it was just mad at me for having a chilly cheese dog and a donut burger within 24 hours. sick. that's just not okay..obvi i deserved it.
what did you do this weekend? did you write a weekend recap?
how do you like the new blog header???
"no, i mean a large coffee. see, venti is 20. yeah 'large' is large. in fact 'tall' is large and grande is spanish for large. venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. it's also the only one that's italian. congratulations! you're stupid in three languages."
[role models]

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  1. Love it! I also love your new header!

    Sorry your tummy hurts, mine always hurts too... I'm wondering if I need to see the doc.