Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Fhotos--Do The Classic

hey bay bays.
so, where to begin, ok..i posted this pic on instagram around the first week of august. this was before my little family met up to go take our family photos for our church's directory. 
our color theme this year was grey. [not that we've ever had one before..but this year we did]
we met at the church and luckily didn't have to wait around.

we got in. and got out. 
[that's how this homegirl likes it]

first the dude took our family photo.
[dad. mom. sister. brother.]
[loves it]

next he took a shweet mommy and daddy picture
[dats my perents]

then next it was brother and sister time.
this was not our first rodeo. 

for our last directory photos the guy made us do a special kind of sibling pose.
like dis:
 [was rockin the baby poof even back then......ohhh thank the lort i lost that baby fat]
brother and i have named this pose.."THE CLASSIC" and like to joke around with this pose anytime my mom makes us take family pics. 
kinda like my sis and i do with this pic..
[i'm sitting in a chair and my sis' profile is plastered over the backdrop..this is definitely a "classic" too]

so naturally, when the dude asked for brother and i to do a sibling pose we pulled out..THE CLASSIC
[i'm gonna be 90 and brother will be 87 and we'll still be doing the classic..hopefully i wont live that long]

i posted this on instagram
and my friends died laughing..i mean not e'rybody can have special poses with their siblings, i guess.
i'm just lucky enough to have two siblings who like to be just as goofy as me.

the classics in action.
[i like how they are opposite directions..we planned that!]

ohh and one last one. since my mom doesn't get school photos of us anymore she got portraits of us.
and here's mines..
[self portraits are good christmas gifts..your own of course..not mine]

welp that's all i got today.
fyi my brother's name is not just brother. [like the berenstain bears] it's john allen for all of you's who was wondering. 
have you taken any family photos recently?
"so i was daydreaming during the civil rights lecture at the police academy and i came up with a great idea for an invention--adult strollers. why walk when someone can push you?"
[that 70's show]


  1. LOL! That is hilarious, you crack me up!

  2. Love that pose! WE have a fine time trying to get both boys to smile and look at the camera at the same time here. No pro pictures in a few years--they are just so expensive and we have to go out of town and the excuses pile up.