Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Needs a Vacation from my Vacation...

ello. i'm back from vacation. seems like i've been taking a vacay for awhile now since the last time i updated was the 20th of july. i'm trying to be a better blogger. i pinky swear.

have ya'll ever heard the saying?
"lift with your knees and not your back"
i have heard this way too many times. too many. 
but i don't listen. [as always] obvi cause my back feels like i have a large and in charge piece of scrap metal jamming into my spine every 9 secs or so. it's mixed between and stumped toe and a kidney stone. two things i don't handle well. but who would? i could never be in a fight cause i cry like a wittle baby just when i stump my pooor little toe.
course my knees hurt all the same. [like i got run over with a scooter.] 
so is the "quote" really helpful?
i could start wearing a back brace. 
like this one:

or if i wanted to be a little more stylish i could go with something like this:

what do you think?
but let's be honest..i already hate wearing a damn bra. [you feel me ladies?] so what makes me think for one sec i could handle a ginormous back brace?
i guess i'll just continue to pop 8 or 9 or 10 advil a day and hope for the best. [my poor liver]
that's all a girl can do right? i mean i do have a pretty close relationship with my heat pad. he's pretty great. 

anyways done complaining about poor ole me. 
time to talk about the good parts of my vacation and not talk about how my back ached the entire time. #fml
[i don't know if it was the twin bed i slept in or the 11+ hour drive down there..lordy lordy]
other than that small little minor detail...the rest of the vacation was perfect. exactly what this girl needed right before football season hits. [my busiest part of the year..obvi]
it was so niiiice and relaaaxing. it gave me the perfect excuse to be absolutely completely lazy. and i got to spend lots of time with my family. 
our main entertainment for the week was this little guy:

bee tee dub ya'll this little muffin [my nephew] is growing up too fast. it was such a joy to getta spend some time with him. 
the incredible mr. e turned 7 months old on sunday.
which was also my momma's birthday!
[that cake was delish! good idea kat]

hmm back to talkin bout my vacay. lort i'm a little scatterbrained today. must be all the multitasking i am having to do in order to play catch up in my work and play life. 

the first day, cam and i were probably on the beach for no less than two hours before we headed to the pool. ya'll it was HOTT! and the pool area had the best breeze. 
i wish i would have taken more pictures..but of course i didn't. our condo was amazing. you could walk out the back door and go straight to the pool or the beach.
this was the view from our back porch. just beautiful, right?
my family was there with another family, that we are close friends with, and their condo was right next door to ours. we went out to dinner as a group a couple of nights. glad we all got to go together!

the next couple of days at the beach cam and i were totes prepared with our baseball hats, lawn chairs, snacks, books, and sweet tea vodkas. ahhh now that's my kind of relaxation.

i only enjoyed the beach three days out of the 6 days we were there. 
the rest of the time was spent exploring our part of florida and watching tv. two things i definitely don't get to do often. 
we got to go out to dinner a couple of times and when i was hungry i ate..but for the most part i wasn't hungry. cray i know. but when i spend all day in the sun the last thing my tummy wants is a big meal.
there was one place i hit up twice.
right smack dab in the middle of seaside. it had a rooftop bar that overlooked the ocean. i loved it.
[gosh. we are just so attractive, right? not]

the last day there was spent doing absolutely nothing, [i wanted to live that up before getting back to arkansas] packing, and hittin up the one food truck i wanted to check out. it was dedicated to one of the better sandwiches out there...THE GRILLED CHEESE.
i got the grill cheese club. oh my lanta. the bomb diggity, that one. 
i wish i coulda finished it but there was NO WAY!

needless to say the trip was fun and everything i hoped it would be.
it is supa nice to be back in arkansas..109 degree heat and all. i'm still playing catch up today like i was yesterday..i should hopefully have everything caught up by this afternoon. 
going to buffalo wild wings tonight with my homies. gonna tear up some wings fo sho! yep i got my appetite back. and i think after a couple more nights of sleeping in my own bed that will help cure my back problems. that or i need to schedule a message, pronto! whooo i swear i need a vacation from my vacation. 
i tell ya what though it sure has been nice getting to have this face and cry voice meow back in my life.
happy tuesday, ya'll! let make it terrific.
"they had nun-chucks, bolos. they be doin indian burns. and my dog, killer, paid the price, yo. he got the wrath. he got the wrath of the nun-chucks, yo."
[half baked]


  1. What a fun vacation! PS your nephew is adorable!

    New follower!

  2. I love all of those pictures! Bras are the worst, so I'm sure a back brace would suck more...

    I want to go to that beach, and man your nephew is a doll!