Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Downtown Chalkboardin

hey yo, yall! 
tomorrow is independence day, one of my fave holidays. the shitty part though..it's in the middle of the week. so i guess i'll do some celebratin tonight with my girlfriends and then maybe we'll go to the pool or something tomorrow. i'm not much a of a planner. all i'm saying is i betta see some damn fireworks..burn ban my ass!!
the reason i want to post today isn't about my fave holiday though. a couple of weeks ago my homegirl, cam and i were in little rock at a friends house drinking hanging out. after we left there we still had some energy and wanted to get into a shanan or two. 
cam had read online somewhere about there being a large and in charge chalkboard downtown on the corner of something street and main. [we did know the other street name at the time i just can't remember it right now] 
so we started off on our adventure. downtown little rock can definitely be an adventure..especially if you don't know your way around, like we didn't. in my defense...i'm from north little rock and we have our own ghetto downtown which i do know my way around if i am feeling brave enough. but little rock is a different story. [lr and nlr are separated by the arkansas river just fyi] we finally found the corner we were supposed to be on and what do ya know...there it was a humongous chalkboard on the corner of such as and main!
they had written, "before i die i want to..." and then folks can write in chalk what they wanna do. this thing was covered, guys. there was some amazing artwork and some pretty funny plans that people want to do before they die. 
next month they will wash it all off and ask another question. pretty neat.
cameron and i each added what we want to do before we die.
cameron: "change a child's life."
complete opposites..huh!
yall already know we had to leave our names.
we made sure to put it right under "show them hoes my bank roll" for a comical effect.
[believe me, son, if you're using "hoes" and "bank" in the same sentence...then you ain't got none.]

after getting our 20th horn honk we decided it was time to get of the skreets and go on home.
downtown chalkboardin...check!

have you gotten into any shanans this summer?

well i'm really hopin to do a hogman and/or hot springs post at some point this week. i already know not to promise anything cause i ain't so good at keepin them.
i will say though, it's nice to have hot springs all set up and operating. our first day was a major success! now i can take a little bit of a break and not be stress-city. things just go betta in my life when they go smoothly. 

well i hope all of you's have a marvelous fourth of july!
yall have fun now ya hear. and wear your seat belt, i'm sure there will be a few cray crays out on the road.
including me
are you proud to be an american?!!
"i have seen devil wears prada about 19 times, but that's because it's a good movie. it's a good flick. devil wears p. you ever seen it? d wears p?"
[the sitter]

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  1. That is so random and awesome! Haha love your goal! And we have a burn ban too, but why are there rules, if not to be broken?! ;)Have a Happy 4th!