Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Can't Help it. I am a List Maker.

well another week is behind us and june is already here. it's just crazy to me how fast the year is already going. i mean it'll be christmas again before we know it. cray cray.

things have been in FULL SWING in my life. i'm just about finished with my LR store. [yes there will be pictures soon] just got some finishing touches. and then i'll be moving right along to my hot springs sto. just gotta try and get it open july 1st..eekk! i'm a little nervous. i am definitely going to be cuttin it close. but i know i can do it. 

just like last wednesday i decided to make yet another list. whoo hoo big surprise

have yall seent this movie?
my new favorite. next to pool hall junkies i went and saw this with cam last tuesday and i kid you not i laughed the entire time! i will be supa ready to get it on dvd when it comes out. i swear jonah hill has like a direct line to my funny bone..he is just hilarious. he definitely made the movie. as always

i want this watch like so freakin bad. don't get me wrong, i love my coach watch but this michael kors watch is just dreamy. i absolutely love black n gold together. [perfect color combination, am i right, ladies?]

yesterday my wittle nephew turnt 5 months old. now THAT'S cray cray.
yall he is getting so big. his personality is growing. and he is just too cute for words. everyone loves elliott.

summer desserts.
i love ice cream, sno cones, and popsicles.  
[first sno cone this year]
[chocolate n vanilla ice cream sammiches]
what's your favorite summer dessert?

well last thursday i went with my homegirls cameron and amber to the arkansas travelers baseball game. we had lots of fun. dodged lots of balls. and ate the best kind of baseball foods.
the next game isn't until later this month but yep we will be there.

clouds. is anyone else obsessed with taking cool pictures of clouds? no? just me? huh anyways i took two really cool ones back to back..[of course i'm gonna show em off]

snap! i'm taking pictures while driving

i have one of my best friend's weddings this weekend. yes this weekend is going to be full of all things wedding. but i'm okay with it cause i like all things wedding. and i get the honor of doing the guest book/programs. so last night i went with my moms to find a dress for me to rock wear.
i ended up lovin two dresses and since they were both on sale [freakin score!] i just went ahead and got both. i know i'll end up wearing them again. 
here's what i gots:
[borrowing the heels from my mom]

[my heels are vera wang from kohls]
i got both dresses from dillard's for $29.99 obvi the second one is my favorite

really diggin this color right now. 

well that's basically it. eight things again. i promise i didn't mean to do that. ha! it just worked out that way. i have a post planned for friday if i can get it written in time..we'll see. 
"i'm gonna have a hard time eating around him. just like i am about antique furniture and midgets. i ain't saying it's right. i'm just telling the truth."


  1. You are adorable, and I like BOTH of your dresses! :)

  2. Girl I love that one shoulder dress! Hottie! :)

  3. Oh HAAAIII! Those dresses are hot! And a PUMPKIN sno cone?! I've never heard of such a thing, but I love all things pumpkin!

  4. Ain't nothing wrong with lists! Especially fun ones. :)

    Those dresses are faboo, and now I'm craving pumpkin. Thanks for posting!