Friday, June 8, 2012

And I can Finally Breathe

it is finally friday people. i'm leaving here shortly to head to texarkana for my best friend's wedding. should be a fun and hectic weekend. i'm not really looking forward to the three hour drive by myself but oh wells.
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

i told you guys on wednesday that i had a post to share with you if i had the time. well...I FOUND THE TIME. i'm pretty sure i have told you's before that i love to decorate. hey it's my job to decorate. i've always enjoyed it. i'm also always finding new pieces to add here and there. it's just fun. 

so. some of you cats know i moved into my house in 2010. i have been working my little bootay off trying to turn an empty house into a full home. hey, that's hard to do by yourself. now i am by all means not even finished. but it is coming along pretty well since my official move in date.
and i will say i have one room completely finished. finally

what room you ask?
MY LIVING ROOM. aka the den.

whew. i can finally breathe for a minute. my goal was to go at the living room first since it's the biggest room. i've been collecting, buying, and stealing acquiring for the past two years and it has been totally worth it cause now it looks straight legit.

when i first started out all i had was a couch. seriously. 
i did have a tv but it was pretty tiny compared to the room and it sat on the floor. 
luckily my sis gave me her old coffee table. [which i still use]
and then i had a couple of random decor.
but that was it.

so through much anticipation here is my completed living room:
that big rug was one of my first big purchases along with my dining table/chairs and barstools. 
i acquired the small couch from my mamaw.
the leather couch i acquired from the parents. when they sold their house i was given tons of their old furniture cause my momma got to buy her some new furniture. hey, i ain't complaining cause it was all very new to me.
the entertainment center was custom made by one of my carpenters. 
now this corner didn't always look like this. i had a big chair over her for awhile and just recently moved the chair to where all of this stuff used to be. it helps tremendously to just play around with your furniture/decor when trying to place it. i'll try at least several different ways before i am completely satisfied. 
[ i wish i took before and after photos]

1. that's a frank frazier. [one of my fav artist] my parents gave him to me as a graduation gift.
2. this belonged to my great great grandpa [i think] my mom had it for years but when she moved she didn't have room for it. so my grandma took it back and then pawned it off gave it to me. i love things that have a history so i gladly accepted it. 
3. this trunk more than likely has a history, too. i janked it from the sherwood florist that we used to own.
4. i got these beautiful metal movie reels from hobby lobby, yall. one of my fav pieces.
this is the chair that was in that corner. and then all of the little treasures and trunk were lined against this wall.
 it looks ten times better.
1. i made that wreath out of magazines.
2. frank sanatra records that were handed down from my dad.
3. acquired the plant from my mom shortly after i moved in.
1. old school lap desk that belonged to my papa.
2. antique fan my momma got me for christmas.
3. led zeppelin art work my momma also got me.
[moms are the best]

just a close up
my mom also gave me that big fern in the background. 
those pretty candles i got at target a couple of years ago.
i found all my coffee table books at barnes & noble. and they were all 50% off!
as for the table i acquired the pedestal from my mom and the sheet of glass i janked from the fixtures warehouse.
the sofa table and ottoman were all acquired from my mommy.
i'm pretty sure that sunflower tin won't stay there just needed a place for now.
as for the covey cooler that's one of my favorite picks. i found it at a flea market wedged between a ton of junk. it only cost me 18 bucks. 
can't forget the supa sweet tv my parents got me for christmas.
ahhhhh i can finally breathe..and moving on to my next room.

what do you guys think? would you let me come decorate your house?
"yeah, it might be illegal after 9/11, where everybody got so sensitive. thanks a lot, bin laden."
[the hangover]

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  1. Looks *great*! I just love that rug. You did a great job :)