Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Books n Bloggers with a little Hogman update

wheeewww guys! my life is in full swing. i barely have the time to blog anymore or keep up with YOUR blogs. my life has been a complete whirlwind. and i am loving every second of it! i like staying busy. when i'm not busy i tend to get a little depressed...and i cannot have that.

i have so many planned posts, but as far as having time to write them is a whole different story.
also i am a little behind on ordering for the stores. i have three stores i am buying for now so things are definitely crazy. [at least till i get a system down] that's why i have been thinking long and hard about getting internet at my crib. eeeek! i haven't had internet [or cable] in 3 years..so this would be a big step.
anyways..i'm just thinking about it for now.

anyways i signed up for a book blog swap this morning. i LOVE to read so i am supa excited to get my partner and start shoppin. [shopping's my favorite hobby] 
two sweet girls, angie @ my so called chaos and beth @ living a goddess life are hosting and i am so happy i ran across this swap cause i haven't done one since christmas. [shock!!] i had so much fun doing the ornament swap that i knew as soon as i read angie's post title that i was so in!
i went to amazon and updated my wishlist and signed up in a heartbeat. i was just thinking this morning about the next book i would want to read [i'm almost finished reading the one i'm working on now] after finishing a book it's so hard to decide which one to read next???
are you going to join in on the swap?

i did wanna show of some more pictures of hogman's progress. it's coming along. construction is done. now we are just working to get this place filled to the brim with merchandise. i haven't gotten a chance to set the store. i would like to do it on a saturday but i doubt that's gonna happen.

here's some pics of the boys workin hard to get the floors down. no more nasty old school tile.

AND we got the sign art done, too! i love it! and i absolutely cannot wait to get up on the big billboard outside of the store. it is going to draw in so much traffic.
we have officially decided to name all the three stores: HOGMAN'S GAMEDAY SUPERSTORE.
long name like my email address i know but both names have history so we don't want them to be lost forever. [so dramatic i know]

and here's a couple of neat items we have gotten in for the stores:
[i love getting in items that i personally ordered]

i was so happy when i got in all my baby stuff. [seriously like a kid on christmas] baby things sell so effing good!

well i'm sure if you aren't a razorback fan these posts get a little boring. 
but i'll say it time and time again, i really love my job!
do you love your job as much as me?
"hi. i'm a math terrorist, with close ties to aljaybra. i have weapons of math instruction."


  1. Yay, soooo excited, thank you for signing up! :)

  2. That swap does sound fun! Too bad I don't have time to read due to blogging. Haha. The store is looking great!

  3. Wow looks like you got a LOT done! and the book swap sounds like fun, maybe I will have to get involved when I am not so busy and actually have time for fun reading!

  4. You're store looks really cool! I'm from southwest Missouri so we have a lot of Arkansas stuff too. Great post!

  5. I am signed-up for the Book Swap, too! :D Linking from Miss Angie's.