Monday, May 7, 2012

A Productive Weekend, for once

the weekend went by way too fast in my opinion. it was such a sunny and pretty weekend that i just do not wanna come back to work. but alas here i am and i have such a lovely post today, too. i swear why is it that i only wanna tell yall about my weekend when i do more than lay in bed, watching movies, and eating sunflower seeds. i guess cause that's totally boring..right?

well the weekend started with a D.Date..and i'm not talking about a day date either. i'm talking bout one of those special kinda dates. 
a daddy date. 
yep. a date with my old man. my pops. ya know every little daddy's girl loves those kinda dates.
dad picked me up at 6 and we headed to CRAZY HIBACHI to chow down.
after stuffing ourselves with some of my most favorite chinese food. we headed next door to the movies. 
where we saw..
our thoughts: we were disappointed. i informed my dad that the book is 10 times better. [isn't it always]
i will say seeing the movie has got me excited to finish this series. no, i havent started on the second book yet. but i plan to real soon. 

i slept in for a bit. i had decided earlier in the week that i would work on saturday. gameday's stock rooms were a freakin hot mess. i don't know how they get so messy so easily but they do. i'll be super thankful to move to a larger building with no stock rooms. gameday has an upstairs stock area and two areas downstairs. whew finally the downstairs is organized.

i didn't even start on the upstairs.
cause it looks a little something like this
yeeeaahh no fun right. [i'll hopefully have it back in tip top shape this afternoont]

also i had a little accident with some large pieces of glass. whew those things shattered like no body's business. and it seriously scared the living crap out of me. [in other words, i peed my pants] and later resulted in me having a date with mr. neosporin. 

also on saturday. my little nephew turned FOUR MONTHS OLD. crazy. just cray. that kid is growing up so fast. i will tell yall..he is one happy baby. always smiling and giggling. [ok not always]

and boy does he love to sleep. 

so. after getting of work on saturday around 4 o clock i decided to hit up wal-mart. the sun was shining outside and i wanted to buy some pretty flowers.
and boy oh boy did i get some fun things. 
such as:
pretty little maxi dress. guys, this thing is so comfy. i love it. 
especially the back.
i also got another summery dress. it's black though. [my favorite color] and it has a neat hemp back..i didn't get a pic but maybe i can show yall later this week. and another pair of running shorts. now that i have all these work-out clothes you'd think i'd actually go work out....clearly i am work in progress.

like i wanted. i also got some flowers. one plant for the front porch and another for the back.
[i got this plant for around $12.98]

and finally finally i got a plant for a zebra print pot i have had for a minute now. it's out on my baker's rack and it added the perfect splash of color.

at walmart i also got some movies to add to my ever grow addiction collection.
the films included: notorious, white men can't jump, akeelah and the bee, brother bear, and wayne's world. such a random selection. 
so after a long hot [much needed] shower. i settled in for the night and watched 

while i painted my nails with my new favorite essie polish. 
i swear girlie girls it is so freaking pretty. new fav.

woke up and went to church. opted out on lunch with the parents. and headed back to the hizouse! where i worked on some untouched projects that so badly needed attention.
it was such a beautiful day that i absolutely could not stand being inside. even if i was inside the windows and back door were open. i know most arkansans can't stand the arkansas heat but i freaking LOVE IT!
after the projects thing got old i read for a little while. the book i'm reading now..
this series is getting pretty good.

after reading and putting away project supplies it was already 5:30 and i was HOONGRY. so subway it was. i love me a fresh tuna fish sandwich although i was super disappointed with the sweet tea. it tasted like it had been sitting in the tin for a couple of days. disgusting. i knew i shoulda gotten a root beer..i'm always disappointed with subway's sweet tea makin.

after stuffing my face and finally getting that hallow feeling out of my stomach, i cleaned my room and got ready for beddy bye. and then watched movies till i plum passed out.
i told yall it was a good weekend. even though i mostly hung out by myself. 
and i am so hoping this day will go by fast.
i have a wedding shower to go to tonight. yeah i know..on a monday? yeah i think it's pretty whack but whatevs. i gotta go get her a present..gotta wait till the last minute like always. 
did you have a funtastic weekend?
"you getting laid off? but you're like the classic school principal. you're scary and bad with people. what else could you do? besides, maybe, cuban dictator? or the boogeyman. you could be the boogeyman."
[bedtime stories]


  1. What a fun weekend! Love it when it's nice out- you're inspired to get out and do stuff! LOVE that dress... and nail polish!

  2. OH MAN! That was a sunny and productive weekend. I don't want to be back at work either... I have tons of photos for my update tomorrow though. :)

  3. Wow that was a lot in one weekend! I don't know how you have time to blog, with everything you have going on at all times!

  4. PS. I really like the maxi dress!