Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Instagram before I Clean

thank tha lort it's fridayy! can i get an amen. although this week went by supa fast i'm still so happy the weekend is here! finally friday.
i have to go clean a warehouse and another rent house...[story of my life] but i will say cleaning definitely makes the day go by like a flash. and i'm pretty positive we won't have to move any furniture..which my back is happy about. and i'm hoping to go on a bike ride this weekend. and i know i say this every friday but maybe i really will get some projects done. [we'll see] 
well yall already know what friday means...INSTAGRAM holla. one of my favs obvi.

let's get going with some #aprilphotoaday updates. i'm still going strong on this challenge. 

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have you been keeping up with aprilphotoaday?

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have you joined in on #aprilphotoaday?

now it's time for some plain ole instagram fun
what i did before instagram i will never know. ohh yeeaaah i used that thing called facebook. i think..
my handle j___jenkins [three underscores]

elliott on his first full day of daycare...we feel the same way about school.

little man has been sleeping in his crib.

big planter i've been eyeing at the home goods store in hot was marked down cause a small piece is chipped on the side. mom decided to go ahead and buy it for me as a little easter present.

the plant i got to take from a vacant warehouse. i put it in my guest bedroom.

part of the wedding shower gift i got natalie. we grew up together, went to the same school(s). i'm helping host her bachelorette party at my lake house in may. she had a wedding shower brunh on saturday. it was super pretty and the food was delish!

i went over to my mamaw and papaw's for dinner last night. yep my mamaw went all out. it was so good! just what my tummy needed..good southern food. well this fridge is out in their garage and looky looky at allllllllll them peecans. [yep she sho nuff sent me home with a big ole bag full]

yes i admit it. i'm a little obsessed with instagram. i LOVE looking at everyone's photos..even strangers. these two photos i got off of w_e_h_e_a_r_t_i_t they have an instagram, too!

i want these shoes.

well i think that's it for today. 
i hope every single one of you's has a marvelous weekend! live it up!

"plenty of classy men wear rings. wayne newton. the pope. my uncle from hoboken. you lose his ring, you wake up in a dumpster. and that's just a warning."
[that 70s show]


  1. I need bracelets to stack!!!

    Love all your pics! But seriously...why does she have a fridge full of pecans??

    Have a great (and productive!) weekend!

  2. I love all of your photos, and HOLY PECANS! Yum!