Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Six Things

i thought today would be a good day to tell you little marshmellow peeps what i'm diggin these days.
[i tried to link this up but course blogger is always so lame...but if ya wanna check out what some other girlies are [here] i'm totally not in the mood to fool with linky tools] 

ight. let's do dis!

three words for ya... my. little. nephew.
scuse me. scuse me. cute baby comin through!
i'm sorry but you cannot sit there and tell me this kid isn't cute. awwww i swear i could gobble him right up.
this little dude is gonna be jimmy page such a heartbreaker at daycare.

if ya have instagram i'm sure you've already heard of this.
it's been a lot of fun seeing what other folks come up see days 2-8 click [here]

[the freeway]

to keep up with my #marchphotoaday follow me at j___jenkins (three underscores)
what's your instagram handle?

i have been scoring pinterest and my favorite websites just browsin at all the pretty pretty swimsuits.
i've seen SO many this year that i want. (usually i only see a couple) i must really be likin the styles and patterns this year.
such as:




i WILL be gettin if not all one of these bikini patterns for the summer.
i gotta be layin on the beach in style. [stylin and profilin]

believe it or not i have a couple of other little apps that i love besides instagram...
liiiike: damnyouautocorrect
(i'm pretty sure i've talked about this mug before.)
seriously? ahh so funny.
two of my favs from this week:

does your phone ever auto correct you?
mine does all the time. cause he hates me

and my second newest obesession:
draw something. yall. this game is so much fun! i love it. and i became quickly addicted very very fast.
i will say that draw something is my new favorite game. cause it's drawsome
you can play at random or with a friend.
my username is Sica24. find me so we can play and laugh at all our silly drawings.

the athletic club.
although i'm not hardcore yet and i'm pretty sure that the cycling class irritated my already thrown back. i'm still really likin the fact that i have a GYM MEMBERSHIP! holla!
and even though i've only been twice, and i gotta take a time out till my back heals i'm still lookin forward to continuing to go fo free
maybe i can make myself go more than twice a week. soon.

lastly and most importantly here's some instagrams of my most favorite girl in the world.
[no offense, homies]

she's pretty special.

i'm also lovin:
this pretty weather
my family
that my birthday is in 5 days.
and for my hair cut on monday...i can't tell yall how ready i am to chop this hair off!
what are you lovin this week?
happy wednesday sweet friends.

"oh, what the hell was that? you waved. she'll be in here in 20 seconds. why do you have to greet her before she gets in here? you're such a kiss ass."


  1. Love those bathing suits, but more importantly your nephew is adorable!!

  2. I keep hearing about that drawing game...Is it like a personal pictionary? All I know- is that it must be cool, because EVERYONE is doing it ;)

  3. I am thinking we should have a jeep and kitty cat blog post day! Jeepers link up day and Kitty Link up day! We need to make an official "Topless Jeep Day" event... hm... put your thinking cap on chica!