Friday, March 16, 2012

I'll Be a Razorback forrrevvver!

well it has happened.
we officially have two razorback stores.

it's exciting.
but believe me we have lots and lots to do before we are geared up for the 2012 football season.
our new store is in little rock. formally known as hogman's hogpen. if your a razorback fan, than you've probably have heard of this little shop..right off of's been open for around 30 years.
and believe me it looks like it.

good thing i specialize in organization and pizazz.
because trust me this hogpen looks like a couple hundred razorbacks flew through the joint.

sooo yours truely will be working to get this store in shape.
i'm actually pretty excited.
i will tell you the store area looks like you've stepped back in the 70s. (seriously astroturf carpet?) and the back rooms look like an episode of hoarders. so it will in fact be a big projecto but i'm ready!
and don't worry i'll be keeping your little haystacks up to date with pictures and everything.
like i did with gameday. (still need to do an updated post on him)
and i'm really hoping we will change the name of the store to hogman's gameday superstore. but that's all still up in the air. first things first...operation hogpen commence...

before i leave to go clean yet another rent house. (8th rent house to clean this year) i wanted to share some instagrams and a couple of random photos. cause who doesn't love a good random photo?

canadian coin in my change...

high top coach shoes...from my high top wearing phase...

my girl. ahh she just loves sittin in the open window. i'll come home from work and open this window and i kid you not she stays there until around 9..which she knows is bedtime.

#marchphotoaday cutest sign ever!

#marchphotoaday. this is the view outside my office window.

another bunko win! that's all three months so far.

(trying to clean out some clothes)

totally random, right? aren't fridays always.
and lastly here are some fav pins this week:

i want these.

i love everything about this picture.

seriously? what a beautiful dining set!

insane, right?

i'm getting my haircut on monday.
wish i had the will to do somethin like dis.

and i'd totally wear this dress. in love i tell ya. in love.

so. stinkin. true.

well that's all i got for today. probably gonna be workin late. and although i dont wanna work this saturday i think i might have to..we'll see. nobody wants to work on their birthday weekend.
yep you little roller discoers my birthday is on sunday.
do i have plans this weekend?
ehh i don't patty's day is on saturday this year so you know i'll have to get crunk!!

have a fantastic weekend!
get crunk. wear green. and lets celebrate!

"if this is about free ice cream, naked volleyball, or a dog wearing a hat and sunglasses, i'd rather not know."
[that 70s show]


  1. I want to join a bunco group soooo badly! And good luck organizing the mess into one amazzzing store :) I know you'll do awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, that little twerp from Harry Potter grew up to be one fine lookin man!

  3. I have a tan color cat who INSISTS on sleeping on my black sheets (my other cat is black so if I use light colored sheets they get full of her black's a lose lose situation). I was pulling up the comforter in the morning to cover the sheets (heaven forbid I take 5 extra seconds to actually MAKE the bed) but she's now decided to MOVE the blankets so she can get under them to lay on the sheets. I gave up. I'll just change my sheets more often.

  4. You are living my dreeeeeeeam with that football store, sister! Only it would be a Tennessee Volunteers store in maybe Nashville, lol. But still.

  5. the cat photos are what keep me coming back for more and more!
    you always have such lovely little posts i often enjoy reading them!

    have a happy weekend and be sure to enter my MAC giveaway that i'm throwing today , can't hurt to win a free lipstick right? :)


  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!!! Cheers! I love the Harry Potter pic and I so want that dress! It reminds me of Alice and Wonderland for some reason...That would be the type of dress that I would buy as my "Halloween costume" and then keep wearing to get my $$'s worth!

  7. Woot woot Happy birthday! Hope you did it up! Can't wait to see the new 'do! ANd congrats on another store!