Friday, March 2, 2012

And for Today...Three Quick Things

halleluer halleluer! it's friday people and i am freaking stoked.
[[sorry i've been a little m.i.a. but i've been feelin kinda sickly and havin a hard time shakin it]]
buuut i'm hoping for another pretty weekend. i think that would make me feel lots better. i also have a project i've been working on and since it is an outside project i really need pretty weather. i also got lots of spray painting i needsta get done.

[i got lots to post bear with me darlings]
oh my darling oh my darling oh my darling sweetie pie

today. believe it or not guys..i'm bout to do another movie post. ahhh! shocker.
but i figure i'm posed to write about what i know on this thingamajig. and movies is it.
but i wanted to switch things up today. i've seen so many movies's crazy. just cray cray. so i'm just gonna give you guys a run down on the good, the bad, and the ugly. and maybe i can show you playas what you should see and which ones to stay away from.

alrighty here we goooo..
first here's the ones that i really really LOVED:

[the good] angry...bolt...

...50/50...harold & kumar christmas...i don't know how she does it...
...contagion... ...cowboys & aliens...

and on to the bad. these movies were okay..but i think they coulda been waaay better.

[the bad]
...real steel...straw dogs...the double...

and onto the ugly. i just did not like any of these films. half of them i couldn't even watch all the way through. yea..they was that bad.

[the bad]
...monte carlo...catch .44...don't be afraid of the dark...

...the ides of march...moneyball...killer elite...

yep all 6 of these movies were total complete bummers.
[don't be afraid of the dark was the only one i actually finished]

and moving on from all the movie chat. here are some of my instagrams from the week.
i'm sure yall get tired of me tellin yall my handle but you never know when ya decide to be cool download this little wonderful app.
mines is j___jenkins (three underscores)

last friday my momma and i went and saw the high school's spring musical grease.

found this old pic on my phone. i used to wear this necklace errrday till i lost it.
...lost but not forgotten...

girl cracks me up.

love me a good game of uno.

i got to see this little boo yesterday. i swear he is getting so big.

i mean look at that big boy hand!

and lastly just some random pinterest finds.

can anyone else feel me on this?

i wanna make some of these little fun fellas for my guest bedroom.

i plan on makin him this weekend. i'm so ready to do the full reveal of my backporch project.
[it's been quite a big project actually]

well you's guys i hope every single one of you's has an amazing weekend!

"the chicks were hot. the music was sick. there were lasers. it was like being famous in the early 90s."
[a very harold and kumar christmas]


  1. I definitely agree with you on nearly all of those movies!

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with that glitter chevron canvas!!!!

  3. Love the jewlery holder, so awesome!


  4. Glad to hear 50/50 is good! It's on my Netflix list to show up next! :)

  5. oh my GOSH!!! that little babes is such a cutie!!! aww! and i'm lovin those chevron canvases! xoxo