Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweets & Treats

first of all. to all you wonderful amazing super fantastic followers..let me just say i wuv yous!
yes each and every little cupcake that reads my posts. whether you comment or not. i am super happy that you follow my blizog!

the post is going to be insanely filled with all things valentine's.
i got two projects to show off annndd some tasty treats i made.

starting first with the door decor i made.
a little while back i bought a simple picture frame on sale for $12..it was originally $54..huhhh can we say deal? right.
so i've had this little frame waiting around for a good project.
then..i saw this inspiration on pinterest
what a neat and different idea.
with the inspiration and a certain holiday coming up i decided to spice up my valentine's door hanger with the picture frame.

that means i needed to pull out my hot glue gun.
where would i be without this little guy.

[i used red spray paint to give it an even paint job]

i already owned mines. but hobby lobby sells a trillion of these little boogers and for pretty cheap, too.

i definitely think it adds more oomf!

don't forget to instagram it.
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and moving on to the next project:
i had these letters already i'm a wooden letter hoarder along with the ribbon and flowers.

i had originally painted the letters a bright pink to match the flowers.

but decided it was just too pink. so i painted over it with white to lighten the letters up.
and it worked.

next i lined everything up. and then hot glued on each piece.

[piper insisted on bugging helping]

i hung it on my craft room's door.

don't forget to snap-a-instagram.

i had mentioned in this post that i wanted to make some treats for my classoffice-mates.
and i did!

first. rice krispey treats. [my favorite]

and next...
so. freaking. gooooooood.

both treats were super simple to make. and they were a big hit among the co-workers.
[been checking things off my 2012 list left and right]

do you love valentine's day?
in all honesty. i love all holidays. even columbus day

"i was just on a date. my date did not go well, unfortunately, due to a lack of chemistry and, i think, an overuse of profanity on my part."


  1. those crafts are SO cute! love them, great job... and now I want a rice krispie treat, damnit.

  2. Oh how much fun you are having!! LOVE all of your projects and treats!! Thanks so much for stopping by and have LOVELY Valentine's Day! ;)

  3. Ohhh I love the frame "wreath" the best! It's lovely! Such a fun idea :)

  4. I too think the frame wreath idea is fabulous! You did a great job with it!

    That's so cool that you're a landlady! I'm very curious to hear your stories as I'm thinking of maybe in the distant future buying properties and renting them out, too, so this would be good insight! Will now follow you, too.

    Gen @ Color Me Domestic

  5. such great crafts and yummmmmm I am drooling over the rice crispy treats..... I am so glad that you linked up this past week at Crafty Scrappy Happy :o)