Monday, February 13, 2012

Not a Big Snow Fan

it. is. snowing......

dont get me wrong. snow is very very pretty but it is also very very cold and very very wet.
and if there's two things i don't like is cold/wet weather. ugh.
luckily it isn't snowing as hardcore as it was and it's not sticking. so i should be a good shape for awhile. as long as it doesn't turn the roads to solid ice..then i'm in trouble. four wheel drive or is not cool!

but the last thing i wanna do this morning is talk about snow.
i actually had a pretty good weekend. wasn't at all worthless and i didn't just sleep all damn weekend.
i saw a dolla movie, went to a small bar in lr, worked on some projects, went to the grocery store, gotta be prepared for snow attended church and sunday school, chowed on some good chinese food, and watched the grammy's. don't get me wrong it wasn't too crazy but it was still a great weekend.

here's some photos from the week/weekend:

little e turned one month old.

finally got that gym membership.

she embraces my messy room.

my dirty dishes tend to get outta control.

what can i say..i drive rough..which is why i drive a jeep.

razorback shoes we got in a gameday.

got a sucker for being a sweetheart at the bank.

another reason i love my much space.

birdfeeder i seent at hobby lobby. must have.

painted my nails for valentine's day. lovin the accent nail trend.

the first gift baskets i've made this year.

i saw this on the internet and immediately teared up. so precious.

i'm hoping to do a gameday post sometime this week. i've got much to show you.

during the week my front seat is seriously like my second office.

we got the razorback dog beds in at gameday and my mom's dog, stormy was lovin it.

so i got a package from amazon..i was thinking it was the 3rd lying game book i ordered. was the art of seduction..? well after talking to roberto over in guatemala, turns out they sent me this book by mistake. luckily they didn't charge my account but the sad sap person who ordered this book has to wait even longer to get the steps to seducing your perfect match...

just watching the grammy's with little orange kitten.
are you so over nicki minaj too? i'd wish she just go away...let's face it she aint got nuthin on rasheeda

and lastly more pics of pipe. i was taking tons of pictures if her with her tail covering her nose..
yeah she eventually got sick of that.

happy monday.
did you have a wonderful weekend?

"you know what i like about you? ohh yeeaahh..nevermind. i was thinking of somebody else."
[that 70s show]


  1. Such a pretty kitty! We need to follow each other on Instagram, I finally started using it and I'm hooked.

  2. Are those millions and millions of sun flower seeds? LOVE, haha.

    Also, one of my dearest friends is from Arkansas and she is a die-hard razorbacks fan. Love seeing all of your gear :-) She wears a razorback snout around the office during the season :-)

  3. Uh-oh...seeing some new Game Day Gear I am digging- the large serving bowl, big ice bucket.... Just need to have BUNKO again soon and I'd love to win some of those as prizes ;) See you tonight!

  4. I knew we had a lot in common... I drive a jeep too! :) I can't wait to "go topless" again!!

  5. lets swap weather ok?? i want to have the snow and you can have the sunshine. and someone is definitely all prepared for razorback games for sure! and i think a mason jar bird feeder is a great idea

  6. Your valentines day nails are beautiful, and that is one powerful photo!

  7. Yay, thanks for showing a pic of your dishes! I feel like I should send you one of mine:). Doesn't matter what time of day, if someone were to pop over, there'd be dishes in my sink.

    So glad I stopped by. Some good fun over here:)!