Monday, January 23, 2012

Why PicniK WHY??

the trip to dallas was indeed a success! we bought so many fun stuff for gameday! some stuff i even want for myself. we got lots done. shopped all day on we didnt have to go back sunday. and i have to say i think we got a lot of stuff the crazy razorback fans will LOVE!

i didnt take very many pictures. yall know me. i did take a few instragrams..of course.
but first i wanted to share something that i am very very upset about. and maybe get some advice from you guys about what tha hey i can do about it?!
i found out on saturday night..that my favorite editing site..picnik is closing down in april. it will be no more and now i'm stuck! i hate putting unedited pictures on my blog. but now i don't know what to do!
seriously HELP!
i have fooled around with photobucket but i absolutely HATE IT!!
there's no cute fonts..and it takes forever to edit one single photo...seriously with picnik it takes like 5 seconds.
i just don't understand! why are they doing this????? and i guess they're joining up with google[freaking]plus and doing some shiz with that, anothing confusing site. i mean i've already accomplished that i am not computer savvy. i need something easy and very very simple to use.
so what do yall use to edit your pictures?
any suggestions?
i can get photoshop at my work but is it easy to use?

after hearing about this on saturday i threw up in the chili's restroom.
[i dont know if it was the news of picnik closing that made my stomach upset or just the cheap tequila from the margarita i downed while running across the parking lot trying to keep up with my old man...]
why picnik why!!

moving on..
let's do in instagram update. if you have instagram..follow me! i'll follow you back. i swear.
my username: j___jenkins [that's three underscores]

the b&tb enchanted christmas dvd i got from amazon
[one of my childhood favs]

uncle john allen [lil bro] holding up the teeny camo jacket he got our nephew elliott.

bbq pizza i got from dominos..not bad not bad.

finishing off the apple cider my momma made.

little miss thang.

OPI's "pink-ing of you" and "do you lilac it" the polish i have painted on my fingers and toes.

arriving at the dallas market. i swear this place was huge.
and it felt like i was literally walking through pinterest

dallas at night.

large and in charge skeleton head i ran into in one of the show rooms.

glass head i seent filled with purple boas.

i missed this little bit allllllllllllll weekend.

oh and this little bit, too!

what did you do this weekend?

"i broke it. if you were on twitter you would know that already."
[what's your number?]


  1. I was thinking the same thing about Picnik! This is terrible! I guess I'm going to start using Google + (ugh) bc I haven't even attempted Photoshop, and PhotoBucket...meh.

    That head with the boas is awesome. I'm your newest Instagram follower!

  2. Picnik closing is JUST not okay, and if you hear about a good pic editing site, let me know!!

    & I am totally not a cat person, but your kitty is SO cute! & what's with the last quote? lol.

  3. I don't know why Picnik is going away, lame! I loved it. I hope G+ will get all of the same features. Boo.

  4. I've always used Photoshop - if you ever need any help let me know!:)

  5. I'm super sad about Picnick!! I'm not paying for Photoshop, so I don't know what to do. :( Sorry your tossed your cookies. It was probably that dang cheap tequila. Also, next time you go to that Dallas market...CAN I GO WITH YOU?? Pretty pretty please?!?! It looks AMAZING.

  6. I am going to miss Picnik soooo much! That sucks! I really want to try that lilac colored nail looks so pretty! have a great day :)

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  8. haha thanks for the comment doll, it made me laugh! see, id be happy too if i were my own boss! unfortunately i am my own boss only i don't get paid, LOL!

    and yes, come eat a full box of skinny cows with me! we'll make a girls date of it, haha!

    have a lovely day princess <3
    thanks again for the comment!

  9. I love beauty and the beast! Still want to go see the 3d version! I know... Picnik is a sell out. Pretty sure Google offered them a pretty penny they couldn't refuse! LAME!

  10. Haha, you're hilarious - you threw up! That is horrible though....I'm so sad picnik is done. Photoshop is way too confusing for me and yeah, photobucket just isn't the same!

    I'm now a follower (: