Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Top Ten 2012 Resolutions

yes, my sissy is at the hospital right nizow in the process of having our sweet little guy, elliott.
my little family is so exciting to add a new little one to the family. i cannot wait to see him!

little sweet elliott knight grant should arrive sometime this afternoont.

i've been reading several of you's new year's resolutions and i am excited to share with you my resolutions.
i wanted to make fun goals that i know i can accomplish in the year 2012.
i've been known to set goals that i know i would never reading 50 books or working out..yea not happening.
so here's my goals for the year 2012:

that means not staying out till 3 every saturday night eating taco bell and stealing sipping margaritas.

did you know..."that one in every six americans struggles with hungry"
i know this because i pass a billboard every morning that says it; an advertisement for the arkansas food bank. and it is something i've thought about getting involved in for awhile now.

not that i treat my co-workers like crap cause i love em they're like family. but it's just something i wanna remind myself of when i'm having a crappy day.

yall know how much i love me a good project.
i wanna do at least one project and blog about it once a week.

i just finished cleaning a rent house and the ex-tenant left her old recycle bin. so now i don't even have to call waste management..i can go home and break down the eight two cereal boxes i've saved and start RECYCLING!

i probably have around eighteen or so pairs of heels that i never hardly ever wear.
time to change that.

i want to take some moola from my paycheck every week and deposit it into my savings.
[even if it's just twenty bucks.]
cut out useless random trips to target and buying and an extra large popcorn at the movies.

i don't want to be known as a "negative nancy."
and i'm trying my hardest to just roll with the punches and not complain.

i have a large and in charge list of things i needs to get down around the house.
like: fix broken gate, replace vanity in hall bath, spray paint guest bedroom chairs, repaint dresser, shelves in laundry room, peep hole for front door, get rid of front flower bed, hooks for porch..etc etc etc.
ya know stuff like that.
oh the joys of being a homeowner.

i always have a reading goal. altoughth i never accomplish it...i still wanted to make one.
i really wanna get a kindle! after reading jessie's post this morning..i really REALLY want one. i just think it will make reading easier..on the go!
and maybe. just maybe i can reach a goal of 12 books than the past goals of 50..then 25..maybe.

ok peeps. those is my resolutions. i'm pretty excited because i think know i can accomplish these babies.

what's your new year's resolutions?

"i'm not gonna be buried in a grave. when i'm dead, just throw me in the trash."
[it's always sunny in philadelphia]


  1. Good goals! I like 'em!

    I'll be posting mine soon :) oh and I loved the pix that went with the goals! Especially the little girl in heels.

  2. All great goals! I have a lot of similar ones, but I can't post them because when I do, I can't complete them! I have to secretly push myself forward, I don't know why. My warped brain, I guess. Here's to a wonderful 2012!

  3. love the blog miss! following you :-)

    Follow me back?