Monday, January 16, 2012

moroccan, leopard, giraffe, or chevron?

have you guys heard of plum street prints?
i swear they have the. cutest. phone cases.

i have seen so many cute iphone cases on other blogs that i knew i needed one.
so i checked out kate spade's cases but just didn't see one i loved.

then i saw on courtney's blog that she had a super cute case, too. and i became determined to find myself a cute personalized iphone case. and then i saw aly's phone case and i knew i needed to know where to get one.

it's unique and customized with her monogram. exactly what i was looking for.
i commented and asked her where she found it and she introduced me to plum street prints.
this was the site! 

and there is so many cute ones to choose from i just don't know which one i want. yet.

i have so many favorites.
i might get one now and ask for another one for my birthday. that's right around the corner
is it acceptable to have more than one?

which one would you choose?

"you should totally tell her. cause i watched this movie called "liar liar" and the message was 'dont lie.'"
[knocked up]


  1. I think you should get the bold chevron in layla, of course. ;)

  2. Those are all really cute, but a bit pricey for my blood. If I were going to spend that much, I'd totally get the Dr. Who iPhone case instead.