Monday, January 30, 2012

I Was Tagged!

ello peeps! what a weekend! i swear it went by too fast. i spent some time up at gameday rearranging for all the new goodies. hoping to do a post on all of it real soon.
so. do you guys remember playing chinese freeze tag? you know it's kinda like freeze tag but you can untag someone by crawling through the space between their legs..anyone? anyone?

hmm okay so this has nothing to do with chinese freeze tag...i was just tagged in a getta-know-ya post over on my homegirl, jessica's blog. she tagged yours truely in the little eleven things post that's taking over the blog world.
another question. do you guys remember doing those surveys on facebook? back when writing notes, like song lyrics, on your fb was cool? you know..before facebook was cool?
i LOVED writing them. i would stay up late answer questions like "who's your high school crush" and "what's your dream hollywood career?" ahhh back in the daayyy [yall remember saying that, too, right?] ha. i was sooooo a 90s kid!

moving on..jessica tagged me so now it's my turn to play the game.

the rules:
1. post tha rules.
2. post eleven things about you.
3. answer the questions the tagger asked you.
4. write eleven new questions for your tag.

okay here goes nothing.
eleven things about me:
1. i suck at math.
2. i wanted to be a bus driver when i was little.

3. in my first ride..i got 7 different tickets...
4. i never learned how to water ski and i dont intend to.
5. i can drive a forklift.
6. both of my pinkies are crooked.
7. i hate to cook. not because i dont want to, i'm just afraid of burning the house down.
8. i've read four books this year.
9. i collect bird figurines.
10. i'm not a big hugger.
11. sometimes i wish i lived in a condo overlooking the city.

ok now on to the eleven questions that jessica asked me.
1. what's your favorite tv show? that's 70s show
2. what's one thing you could never live without? chapstick.
3. if you had to pick one restaurant you had to eat at for the rest of your life, where would it be? town pump. they have the best sandwiches.
4. what's your favorite song? right now it's dream chaser by rasheeda..but that could change tomorrow.

5. what's your least favorite food? hmm i had to think about this one. i love all kinds. i guess pecan pie or cole slaw.
6. do you have a fav game? if so, what? probably five crowns. it's a card game. but i also love apples to apples, uno, and phase 10.
7. what's your favorite scent? french fries.
8. what's your biggest accomplishment? besides being fabulous i would say..buying my house..
9. if you could get plastic surgery at no cost, would you? yes!
10. what's your dream vacation? traveling the world.

11. what's your fav outfit accessory? my coach watch

now. here's the questions i wanna ask for the folks that i tag your it
1. given the choice between..
which would you choose?

2. who is your celebrity crush?
3. what is the best book you ever read?
4. what makeup item could you not live without?
5. what is your favorite sandwich?
6. if you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?
7. what's your idea of a THE perfect saturday?

8. are you a cat person or a dog person?

9. who is your favorite actress?
10. what's your favorite flower?
11. what are your top 3 favorite movies?

there. i hope those were good questions. i tried to steer away from the norm questions like "what scares you the most?" or "what's your favorite color"

now for the peeps i want to tag::
my homies:
lil' desiqua @ faster than forever
bonbon @ life of bon

if i tagged ya and you decide you will play along come back and let me know the link to your post so i can see what you answered.

well that's it for today. i have a little project i'm working on and hoping to post this week...
[i know i said i would post a new project once a week but i've been]
happy monday funday!

"go on, eat it. it makes you feel like you got shot in the tongue."
[that 70s show]


  1. Thanks lovee! It's awesome reading all of this stuff about you. Hope your weekend was great! Love your face!

  2. Yay for surveys! I love that your favorite scent is french fries. And I can't believe you don't like pecan pie! Lol. :)

    xx Jessica