Tuesday, December 6, 2011

you have the right to remain jolly.

well i'll be dawg..i did some more christmas decorating. a couple of weeks ago my aunt gave the florist tubs and tubs of old christmas decor. i was the one who went through all the goods and priced every thing. i'm glad i volunteered because i was able to take some of the pickings for myself. and i am so glad i did. i got lots of great stuff.

and this isn't even half of it.

but i was able to collect: 2 wreaths, garland, tons of fruit, large pine cones, poinsettias, small floral picks, and ornaments.
i was able to use so much of it throughout my house. 
i bought one other wreath to go outside. hoping to finish those this week.
i was also able to snag this thing:
(not quite sure what they're called)
i had the green left over from my tree. spray paint left over from my skeletons. those numbers cost like 99 cent each. the jingle bells i spotted 50% off at micheals. so yeah this little project cost me around $8.00. hmm not bad not bad at tall.

first i started out with my coffee table. i wanted each area to have a little christmas shine.

i worked super hard to get the birdcage arrangement just right.

i used garland, poinsettias, and red ornaments.

i also found this little candy dish at hobby lobby 50% off.

i made a few other arrangements on my sofa tables.

i replaced the white flowers that were in this vase with poinsettias i got at the $1 store.

i used gold fruit and holly leaves i acquired from my aunt's stuff. and put them in a punch bowl i already had.

i just replaced the ivy that was in this basket with these bright gold pine cones and holly leaves i got from aunt jen. i was so happy with all my little christmas touches.

i am totally almost done with my christmas decor. seriously all i have left is outside stuff and the rain has prevented me from that..dang rain.
i wanted my house to be decked out for the christmas bunko party i am hosting at my house this month.
i cant wait to tell you all about it!

last week while i was at savers getting supplies for my next project i came across the prettiest canisters eva! they are the most beautiful color. and they have the old rustic feel i just melt for.
and they were only 2 bucks each! score!

i loves them.
they gave me the inspiration to finish filling in the top of my kitchen cabinets.
and i did finish. and they look awesome.
will update soon.

speaking of finished.
remember i had a blank wall that just needed something.
well i that blank wall aint blank no more.

ta da da! course that tree will be moved back to it's spot (where the christmas tree is now) but i figure i'll just get a small tree for that corner later on. my grandmother gave me a chair that belonged to my great grandmother and i'm going to get that recovered and put it next to the trunk on the other side.
and hey i'll probably even get rid of that dead plant.

i love to decorate!!

ok the last part of this incredibly random post is instagrams.
mmm my favorite.

first wrapped christmas present. i got some funky red and green wrapping paper this year.

but she has such a pretty face.

nasty pack of roaches i came across in a rent house. yes i said a pack.

but she's just so silly.

i am the mesh makin queen.

15 ft tree my momma and i decorated at the verizon office building.

another tree momma and i decorated at verizon.

the kwanzaa table i studied hardcore on to get exactly every single piece correct decorated at verizon.

up close look at my "wreath thingy"

and lastly. the cutest little nerd i know.

have you done any creative decorating?

"i love it when she says "ciao." it's like she's made up a whole new way to say goodbye."
[that 70s show]

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  1. Aw, kitty is blogging! Okay, so when can you come decorate my house? For Christmas and...for life?