Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i i i i just want to DANCE!

oh my gosh. i cannot believe christmas is ova..
moving on to more and exciting things like new years.
where i will be wearing this little numba

that came in last thursday and fits like a glove.
lets just say i'm pretty excited for the event i get to wear this to. i love to dress up drink margaritas and go somewhere fancy.
hmm now i need some shoes...

i am coming to the end of the rope on this blog challenge.
today's post. three wishes
i thought long and hard on this one, people. what does one wish for..a million dollars? a fancy new car? a cow to put in their backyard...?
lets be for real. the possiblites are endless!
i mean i already have a great family, i love my jeep, i got the greatest friends a girl could ask for, my house is the prettest one on the block freaking amazing, and my job is the shiznit!

so what o what can i wish for?
it wasn't until i was listening to mariah carey's christmas cd that i figured out what my first wish would be...

i wish i could sing!

if you asked my momma she would say i have a beautiful voice.
this is a false statement.
i smoked cigarettes for about five years before i quit in 2010..so my lungs voice isn't in the greatest shape.
oh but i wish i could belt out some tunes like mariah..

or this chick..

my second wish came pretty easily.

i wish i would have stuck with piano.

my mom said i would regret it. and i do. very very much.

i actually wish i could sing and play the piano like my homegirl..
every album she has written (yes she writes her own music) has truly been amazing.
i remember getting her very first cd for christmas from my grandparents.

it's just something about those black and white keys.

and my last wish...

i wish i had a job that involved some form of dancing.
i think it's safe to say. i love to dance!

and it could be any kind of dance.

one black tutu to go please!

course my dancing partner would be..

or i'd be down for...

and definitely..
do tha stanky leg do tha stanky leg do tha stanky leg

i would love to have some moves like this girl..
oh and i'll take her voice, too!

what would you wish for?

i'll hopefully be back tomorrow to show all of you's my christmas goodies.
i must've finally made the nice list.

"you know why i sleep late? it's not because i'm lazy. it's on account of me having so many dreams. big ones."
[30 minutes or less]


  1. Stripping is dancing! Haha j/k!

    Those girls are very talented!

  2. i wanna be artistic--bc such creative ppl usually can dance, sing, draw, paint, make. i want a little of that.