Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hurry up hurry up let's go! let's hope it snows!

ho ho ho who wouldn't go! ho ho ho who wouldnt gooo-oh! up on the rooftop click click click down through tha chim-ma-ney with good saint nick!

believe it or not i can actually play this little number on the piano. back in the day, when i took piano lessons i loved getting to practice christmas carols.
why oh why did i ever quit piano? dumb. just dumb i tell ya.

so. i cannot believe we are four days away from christmas.
can i get a whoody whoo!
now i just gotta getta couple more boxes and do some wrapping. i love wrapping presents. i may not be the best at it just ask my momma but i looovvee to wrap! it's just fun.

my funky wrapped christmas presents look so great under my tree
i'm hoping to post a photo soon!

i'm doing a couple of projects for my little cousin to give to her for christmas. she told me not too long ago that her walls at her crib (she rents a cute little house from me) were so blank and she had been looking for some cute artwork to fill them up.
she's always had a thing for my fly away art i made for my hallway so i am making her one, too!
and i'm making her one of my magazine wreaths also.

it's been a little slow here at work this week.
so i've been browsing around pinterest
here's some of my favs.

how is it that something so cold and so wet can turn out so beautiful.

happy wednesday friends!



"hey if i can't use words i dont understand this is gonna be one quiet afternoon."
[that 70s show]


  1. Love these pins! I can't wait for Christmas!

  2. Funny, that song was on the radio as I was reading it on your post! I love that pin of the christmas decor in the boat! So cool! ♥

  3. i want a pink tree, but don't think anyone in this house would go for it. i also want a retro tinsel tree, with old glass ornaments, because it reminds me of my great granny

  4. The blue house in the snow? YES PLEASE!