Thursday, December 29, 2011

holiday whooba whata?

well i hope everyone's christmases were great! mine definitely was.
i got so much new stuff and even a little moola!
but the best gift was getting to spend time with my family. and next year things will be even better because we will have a little rugrat running toddling around.
i seriously cannot wait to meet my new little nephew. it should be any day now....

my family celebrated with my mom's side on thursday night.
yes, we got started on the celebrations early this year.
my grandmommy provided sandwiches and since i'm her favorite she got me a "special" sandwich.

BAM!! tuna just for me. although i went to town on the chips and salsa beforehand so i could only handle eating half..which was a first.

after dinner it was on to GAMES!!
i love games. i think the reason i like them so much is from my grandmommy. i remember playing all sorts of games when we were at her house.
first was b-i-n-g-o bingo! and i won twice. what can i say i'm the bingo master. i won two gold dollars. the next game was pretty easy. you had to match their card that you had with one on the christmas match won me forty dollars!! big money!

then it was on to MERRY-okee!
hiiiilaireous! it allows you to sing your christmas carol in elf language.
like alvin and the chipmunks.
naturally i sung up on the rooftop! i swear it was a lot of fun.
i love playing silly games. especially if they're christmas games.

on friday we all got off work super early. which was tight.
but i had so many errands i didn't get home till after five. the rest of the night i just watched christmas movies like:

i love christmas movies.
what's your favorite christmas film?

saturday was christmas eve.
my favorite tradition is on christmas eve. and it's a new tradition for my family. we used to go to my grandmommy's on christmas eve but over the past couple of years it's just been my little family. we have dinner and spend time together. this year we played catchphrase. and had lots of fun.

we always take pictures around the christmas tree including a family photo.

next year things will be quite different because we will have another little family member to include in the festivities. believe me we cannot wait.

sunday morning we all meet at my parents house for breakfast and to open presents!
first we open presents from santa.

we always get our "big" present from him.

this year by our stockings was a small gift bag that held an envelop.
this is what mine read:
i immediately knew what mine was. and jumped off the couch to go to the garage..where i saw my brand new BIG TV!! so excited! unfortunately it isn't in my house yet but hoping to get that done this weekend.

my sister & gary got a pack-n-play (which was in my mom's truck)
and my little bro got money too get a leveling kit for his new truck.

needless to say we were all pretty excited!

we then open our stockings.
sitting next to my stocking was this little guy:
which i used as soon as i got home.

best. invention. EVER!

also in my stocking:
craft magazine.
sephora giftcard.
electric toothbrush.
and candy.

after our santa gifts we moved on to opening presents. i mean i must've been a good girl this year cause i got so many great gifts!
and it took us like two hours to open all of them.

my loot:

along with a gift card to get a facial or a message. i haven't decided which one i wanna get yet.

i normally where givenchy intense but lil brother switched things up and got me paris instead.
i was gonna exchanged it but i really have grown to love it.
and someone at the movie place told me, "i'm not trying to hit on you but you smell wonderful."
made my day.

new TOMS. wearing these babies today.

the antique fan i've been drooling over the past couple of months.
yes he is finally in my possession. and he works like a charm.

some of the OPI muppet collection.

i'm sporting..GONE GONZO

every year my dad gets me some books. and this year was no different.
i got another craft magazine. the girl with the dragon tattoo. and the girl who played with fire.
pops always writes a little note in the inside of one book..another favorite tradition that i plan on passing down to my kids.

hmm i think that's eveything.. i think.
on christmas night we go to my mamaw's for dinner.
they just get me money.
and this year my great aunt gave us $10 and used the rest of the money she normally gives us to go to a child to have reconstructive surgury for a cleft smile. which i thought was super cool.

all in all it was a wonderful christmas.
great food. great gifts. and great family time.

what did you get from santa claus?

"well thank God your not santa claus. you scare the hell out of children."
[that 70s show]


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!

  2. holy moly you racked up!!! i got a clarisonic too! i'm in love with it.