Monday, December 19, 2011

dear sequin dress, oh where oh where can i find you?

okay. i know it's a little bit early to be talking about new years especially when i am not even close to being done with my christmas shopping but i actually have pretty big plans this year. myself and a couple of my homies are going to be bringing in the new year at the annual new years eve party thrown by next level events at the train station in little rock. it's a pretty big deal and it's a must to get your tickets way way in advance.

so. i got my ticket bought. check
got my posse together. check
NOW i just need to find the perfect outfit.
i knew the moment i decided to go that i wanted to wear a sequin dress

i see them all over pinterest all. the. time.
theyre just so sparkly and beautiful that i knew i needed one. yes, i need one!

so i began scoring my fav internet sites for the perfect party dress.
i checked out dillards, sears, and macys...nothing.
then i went to charlotte...nada.
i looked at wetseal...absolutely nothing.
so i went to foreva...and only found this little number

which i like but it just isnt what i want.
so i decided to check at piperlime, zappos, and nordstorm. i quickly remembered why i never shop at these sites. i mean really...who the hell can afford at $400 dolla dress!! seriously. they are proud of their shiz.

i was starting to get super disappointed.
so i googled.."affordable sequin dresses" and it took me to a couple of pages but their "affordable" is not the same as my "affordable" i'm thinking somewhere between 50 and 70 bucks not my jeep payment..

so i went back to pinterest...not wise because that just got me more upset that i was never gonna find my perfect new years party dress.
i love all of these

but what i was really wanting...was gold.

i decided i would just go to the mall after all the hustle and bustle and find me a dress.
then i remembered a site i haven't visited in quite some time.

i used to shop there all the time in high school and i still get their catalogs to this day.
i thought hey i will give it one more shot.
i went to the site. clicked on dresses. and saw it!

exactly what i wanted! doesnt this dress just scream happy new years!
and it's right in my price range..$49.90 thank ya jesus!

now all i need is the perfect shoes...
i'm thinking wedges.

"look, if this is about me not being professional, i've already told you, "bottle rocket friday nights" are over."
[that 70s show]


  1. oh my goodness, I lOVE WHAT YOU FOUND!!!! It is seriously gorgeous! You better post pics of you in it.

    Um yah, and I'm with you: afordable for me is under 75 for a dress.

  2. That


  3. LOVE THIS POST! Bring on the sequence!! I love this look!

    I love your blog too!

    I'm following you!!

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