Tuesday, November 8, 2011

showering a sweet little peanut

whew. let me just say the baby shower was a success!
all the fun little projects i had planned turnt out great! i know my sister and all of the other guest really enjoyed themselves. the other hostesses outdid themselves with all the amazing food. and the cake..was absolutely perfect and super tasty!

my sister got loads of stuff and this was only her second shower.
it was a lot of fun planning but i am glad to say it's over. planning something will wear ya out.

and i may or may not still have decorations up...

i made this wreath to hang on the front door.
kat can also hang it on the door at the hospital and on their front door when they get home from the hospital.

i made pennants using cardboard and scrapbook paper.

i still have the pennants hung up just cause i love how they turned out.
im thinking about making some green & red ones to have up during the holidays.

i also made little treat bags with circus peanuts for all the guests to take home with them.

i also made this pennant garland to hang over my faux fireplace.
it turnt out really cute.

and like i said the other hostesses outdid themselves with all the uhhhmaazing food!
and the cake tasted like a big ole sugar cookie.

kate thought of a great "game" we could play..she painted a tree on a canvas then using the side of our hands we made a baby footprint to cover the tree with. it really did turn out super cute..and it was also a fun activity.

kat with all the hostesses.

family shots

like i said this was just kat's second shower. she had another with her church on saturday.
here's some pics from the saturday shower:

chocolate mustaches

momma pia & aunt sica

another yummy cake.

so sorry for all the thousands of pictures but the party turned out so well.
we have another shower this next sunday, also.

i really am so excited to meet my sweet little nephew, elliott. i know he is going to be the cutest little baby eva and he is going to be spoiled to the core. ooohhh i am so excited. january needs to hurry the eff up!

"my father would have thrown me down the stairs just for using the word 'gelato.'"
[grown ups]


  1. Wow looks like a super fun time! Great job planning! I especially love the footprint tree!

  2. Very cute shower! I am LOVING the footprint tree!

  3. Look at all that cute stuff, you're such a pro!

  4. Love the pictures...look like it was a great shower! And I am definitely a fan of the orange and blue color scheme...so cute!